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Author Topic: GM Eras: Audition merch,events,promotions ,prizes and other things.  (Read 4582 times)

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First of all , giving our new GM Brazen a warm welcome on the forums and to the server.  

You could think of this as an icebreaker post or just for the nostalgia if you're a lurker. At times like this, I would go back and look at old threads because I'm bored but since we're on a new forums I'm gonna dump it here. Who's played enough that they actually geek over Audition merch ?  Doesn't have to be Audition Online but any rendition of Audition over time. I've always wondered what Audition event or prize people liked the most. Even though a few events had an unplanned turnout, our server is pretty solid when it came to grand prizes and other promotional things when they were able to do it.

Listing some of my favorites <_> lmfao . *Note that this is a very broad list lol.

Nexon/Migration era? 
Rare Nexon item, concert tickets to Natasha Bedingfield  and her avatar outfit, MTV (USA) Audition Online flash demo game & commercial,  Audition game cards.

•Alesea , Siouxsie , Sugilite , HedKandi  era :
 Audition Dance competition, Audition Online branded merch (pillows, notebooks , stickers,  charms) , music shake songs, Redbana token rewards, and the Bana Bus.

•Dozens era :
Rare item promotions for topping up  with gocash cards , new Beats headphone set for highest top-up, Prestige Cup, Audition Guitar sales,  the (beta) Redbana music shop for exclusive songs.

•Clef , Lycaeus era:
Guitar giveaways and just a good time for guitar mode events and guitar tournament (in my opinion) .

•Clef , Cuppycake & Late Siouxsie & Sugilite era:
Fam Games, player-designed items,player-produced songs, Rare Redbana Anniversary items, and play to win in-game events i.e : puzzle piece event and sneak peak videos for content updates. "The Veterans" event for levels 31+ .

•Cuppycake , Tianha , Sero & Clef era :
Prizes for downloading/playing other games ,  guitar giveaways w/free shipping, bc item requirements to participate in monthly Audition events were lifted entirely and Steam review event. 

•Tianha & Headlights era :
Bana Gacha/web shop , bonus top-up events , site makeover and frequent live streaming , newbie indefinite outfit & accessory.

Other random event moments I think about :
•When Keykee made a  plush doll that looked just like her avatar.

•The mysterious mystery box event Music? or FlameOut? hosted. Somehow the prizes were never revealed so what was in those boxes? LOL
•Ward's (Sara) Halloween submission where she recreated the Halloween Map.

KAU - Music Count Down , LaFesta, Raffle ticket events for designer prizes , PC room bonuses
WIA- Integrated Twitter event,  exclusive merch : coffee mug , signs and posters.
AU Mobile - Top-up bonuses

I didn't list everything or everyone, but it's what I remember off the top of my head lol. If I can find pictures to some of these things I'll add it in. I tried finding the MTV demo but they took it down from the site   .
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Re: GM Eras: Audition merch,events,promotions ,prizes and other things.
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2018, 02:19:24 AM »
Welcome GM Brazen!

Ooh I should share some moments I vaguely remember.

- Nexon: when they had a booth at Anime Expo ~ they were giving out nexon cards and you got to play audi at their booth....yeah.....

- Dozens: when they had a small minor presence at Anime Expo ~ had ppl give out Audition bags too.

but that's on like a convention scene altogether.

I think I recalled someone wanted to create like personalized audi clothing and generated some interest.
Tho when I lowkey did my own too ~

Oh let's also not forget Shoo when he made that album one year of his music. Hopefully that will definitely get revisited too.

Along with a lot of fan art early on :D!

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Re: GM Eras: Audition merch,events,promotions ,prizes and other things.
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2019, 09:28:52 AM »
There are definitely quite a few more lol
*There was also that boy band that also happened like Natasha Bedingfield soon after as well.

There was that Snow... snowboard.. I can't remember if it was but it was like a Snowboard  themed event somewhere in the middle of the USA that had exclusive rewards and a tournament too.
*this was peobably the least talked about one I think becuase most couldn't even attend.  I think only a couple from the forums that went we able to post aboit it. 

Music video contests for prizes like the latest ipods lol

Cant forget about those Musicshake events where players were able to get their songs into the game :3

*Cher!  All that swag giveaways lol.
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