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Author Topic: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread  (Read 9100 times)

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[February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« on: January 31, 2020, 06:08:24 AM »

[February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread

Is there someone you want to show your love and appreciation for? Now is the time to publicly spread your love and positivity!


Schedule Day & Time:
[February 1 to February 20]

  • Reply to this thread and show appreciation for whomever you choose! The medium is your choice! (writing, music, art, etc.)
  • Include your IGN, the IGN(s) of the players you’re showing appreciation for, and the category they belong in (friend, FAM members, couple, etc.)
  • Only one submission per player

10 winners can choose one from the following list of items:
  • 30 Day Exchange Coupon
  • Premium Messenger Plus (30 Days)
  • Hi! Bumi/Hi~ Bomi Emoticons (30 Days)
  • 2X COUPLE POINT Item (30 pieces)
  • Full Denim CoupleLookF (female top) / Full Denim CoupleLook M (male top) (30 Days)
  • Morning Jogging CoupleLookF (female top) / Morning Jogging CoupleLookM (male top) (30 Days)

  • Winners will be determined by GMs, CMs and CAs.
  • Edited entries will NOT be eligible.
  • Event will last until February 20, 2020 EST.

I’m ready for you all to make my heart melt!

- CA mich123
Hikari ♡ | mich123 Chaiyo

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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2020, 08:39:06 PM »
I'm very thankful to my Fam (BB/U1O1)
In May 2019, I started playing audition again which is the redbana server from not having played for almost 6 years (last played was 2013 AudiSea).
I first met/played with rainbowslush (now IGN Honte) who was always online whenever I was on. We chat and met lots of other people along the way. We were always together playing until we met/played with more people like Teekoy, Aue, Atropos and Dainee, where we ended up playing all the time and almost everyday in summer. Along the way we met Jaq who we did not trust 😅 at first because he is always afk (not really he reads the convo all the  time) but always follow our room. Then, Jim and Sed who also follow us too when there was a problem with their fam. The next person we met was Nanay (now Demz) who I pranked with the most common scam they do in the Philippines' mobile text because her IGN meant was mom. Then, we met WindRunner who was a newbie that time so basically kind of adopted her in the game lol. During that time I didn't know that I would be excited to go online everyday just to play with these people. We have fun conversations everyday where we ended up making our own groupchats. We have also made group video calls and share what's going on irl. We're basically all closed friends now that I never want to lose! This makes the game more fun when you know the people you play with. In March, I would be visiting back Philippines where I would be meeting Jane (WindRunner) and travel together with her to a lot of places!!! which I am VERY EXCITED FOR! I also hope to meet Jaq, Aue, and Daine while being there.
I did not know that I would be playing audition for this long because of these people because before from different server after 4 months or so I stopped playing the game.
I haven't met these people but I feel close to them and comfortable to talk to them and they feel like a family to me so I'm very thankful to Honte, Demz, Dainee, Aue, Teekoy, Jaq, Jim, Atropos, Sed, WindRunner, Rowj, and xLynch.
- Mij

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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2020, 12:43:09 AM »
I wanted to write a letter for him too! So here it is haha

I never thought I'd be feeling like this for you, boo. I hope you like the letter  ;D

From: 021
To: CMJakup (couple)

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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #3 on: February 09, 2020, 08:42:39 PM »
Hello everyone, I am grateful to this redbana community for having been able to meet many people from another place, which is very nice, I hope this continues and never ends. Greetings to all. xoxo ♥

IGN: 625

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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #4 on: February 11, 2020, 11:17:57 PM »
Heyaa~ I'm doing this for fun because I have a lot of people I appreciate and love in Audition. There have been many times where I have no faith in myself, no motivation, and think I'm useless. I've met a bunch of wonderful people on this game that I now talk to everyday and even hang out with them in real life frequently which I never thought I'd be doing because I'm really shy. I built up the courage to write this and post this in the public because of my many friends (Mayson, Xuan, Brian, Long and more). 5 years ago, I downloaded this game and was clueless of what was happening. What were FAMS? What are all these colors in this game? How are people so comfortable with one another? What are all these modes? I was slowly guided into this game by my FAM (AnimeKingdom) and that's where I met some people that I still talk to today. I slowly got more comfortable towards people online and met some more people who were nice and supportive. I even got the guts to hang out with some peeps from Audition (Martin). Fast forwarding to recently, I've became friends (@Tina's group <.<) who saved me from loneliness on the game. Also shout out to the fellow GMs/CMs/CAs for working so hard :Cry:

IGN: Advance   ......?
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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #5 on: February 12, 2020, 08:35:06 AM »
In 2018, I was in a very toxic irl relationship to the point it became very abusive both verbally and physically.  At the time, I had felt really trapped and like I had no where to go.  One night when I was leaving to take my boyfriend at the time to work, Axel (IGN: MrxAxel) popped into my room - legit said I love you and I said it back without thinking while he popped out of my room.

He came back in, and was like 'wait wat LOL I thought you were afk' and we started a five minute conversation that eventually lead to snapchat because I had to take my bf to work and he was going to church with his family. I don't know what made me do it - probably the fact that I felt like I was at my wits end and that I was really close to just wanting to end my life, but I broke down and sent Axel a string of snapchat videos.  Mostly of me just ranting, explaining my situation, feeling completely trapped, and me crying.  After that night, he became one of the closest people to me. Things were rocky because he was trying to get me to leave my abusive boyfriend, but I was terrified to take that leap because I didn't know where my son and I would live or where we would even go. Months pass, and a physical altercation between my boyfriend and I got to the point where I called the cops on him and he was in jail for two weeks.  My family was quick to help me get out, get the stuff that was salvagable out and in storage, and got my son and I a bed and a place to sleep while I figured out my next move.

I called Axel (who at the time was living in FL.) and told him that my now ex-boyfriend was in jail and that I was finally able to get out.  He has been by my side ever since then both as my boyfriend and my bestfriend.  I met him for the first time March 2019, and as of June 2019 he moved from FL away from his family, to come live with my son and I. It was a very crazy and bumpy ride to get to where we are now, but I could never see my life without him in it.  I thank him every day for giving me the courage to get out, to reach out to my family - let them know of the nightmare my life had become. 2018 was my breaking year, 2019 made me stronger, 2020 we're better than ever.

IGN: MsxLiz

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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #6 on: February 12, 2020, 12:57:53 PM »
To my dearest calen,

To start off, here's something I dont say nearly enough. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You do so much for me that I can't even put into words how much I appreciate everything you do and have done for me over the course of our friendship/couple thing so far. While every couple has their disagreements but thank you for getting through all of them with me and making us a better couple at the other end. With any argument, we don't just throw and say we're done, but we work towards a solution that puts us in a greater place each day. Thank you for always being with me and never giving up on us. Thank you for being supportive with everything that I want to do. Instead of trying to convince me, no you're encouraging me with a yes or its up to you. Having you as my number one cheerleader is such a blessing, because i know i will always have someone rooting for me. And you know that as much as you're cheering for me, i'm cheering for you right back. Having such support for one another is so important in any relationship, and I'm so lucky to have that kind of love and attention coming from you everyday. Even when you're so busy you always trying to update and call me. I just wanted to let you know that i appreciate you more than words can write. I could probably talk for hours about how happy i am with you, but that's a little too much to put into an approximately 500 word piece. More importantly than telling you, i hope i'm able to show you everyday through my actions how much of a positive impact you have on my life. Because, you always think positive like you always said to me LOL. I'm certainly not the same person i was when we first started talking over 3 months ago, but i'm definitely a better person today than then, with a big thanks to you for that. I can't wait to see where life's adventures take us next. The only thing i know is that i definitely want to enjoy those adventures to come with you by my side. I promise to keep enjoying all of the little things that make every day with you so amazing. Thank you for the thousandth for everything that you do for me, because i don't know where i would be or who i would be had it not been you by my side all this time. Thank you for being my number one stupid boy, best friend, my secret keeper, and my confidante. And if i don't say it enough, always know that im so happy for everything that you do.

With so much love,

IGN: caven

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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #7 on: February 13, 2020, 01:36:56 AM »
I want to thank IGN : Leanis the leader of SendDudes to accept me as a member of her fam and I'm so grateful I can have many friends there.. and I also want to thank IGN : Kobiey for accepting me as her marriage cpl in game eventhough she already has a real life boyfriend, but I just so thankful to her trusting me as her buddy ring. I also thank for the community of redbana audition which people are so supportive and friendly! Keep up the good work redbana!
My IGN is : HanZen

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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #8 on: February 13, 2020, 03:14:10 AM »
I am appreciating myself because I love myself.  I am my own best friend. I dress myself, I feed myself, I cleanse myself, I take care of my self. I am the best friend that I will ever need, especially since I can’t find a couple but I don’t need a partner to feel  complete because I am already whole. I am always self reflecting and trying my hardest to better myself and push myself to be the best version of myself. I’m only hard on myself because I know the type of person i’m capable of being that’s why when I make mistakes I’m always quick to try to understand where I went wrong and talk myself through a solution. What ever happens through life I will always be by my side and that’s why I’m the greatest partner I will ever know. I will never turn my back on myself no matter the weight of the burden I may have to carry on my shoulders .I will always pick myself up when I am down, and I promise to always care for you emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. I do my best to always be happy even when I am sad , so I know I am a strong fighter despite any obstacles I face whether I fail or succeed, I am always there until the end. Love myself a lot, thanks.
So I recognized my self first because self love and self care are essential before loving someone else. I also love my fam, Raven. Everyone from cal(R7 and Jel) to Brooklynn (Brookie) and Passerby (Rick) to Rainka and Scintilla, and even Deniz. They are all simply amazing and have welcomed me into the fam when I returned back to the game with wide huge open arms. I love all of them because they are the definition of true friends regardless of meeting them online and in such a short period. We are always all there for each other and have the most amazing laughs and cries together. They keep my afloat , thank you guys. I also want to appreciate owyea even though he doesn’t log a lot, he’s become a good friend. You guys all give me a reason to play audition so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also love nicotar. He’s a pain but so much more. I love you guys !!!!!
My ign is Katar

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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #9 on: February 14, 2020, 03:01:23 AM »
Um, thank you for this event. It's about time we all get mushy and gushy about each other (or ourselves cus self love is importante). I appreciate you mich123 you goddess you.

Anyhow I feel like I've quite a few people to thank and appreciate. I never imagined I'd meet the wonderful friends I have now from an online dancing game but here I am not being able to see my life the same way without some of you.

There are just so many people, so let me make this brief. :p

I love you Ned
I love you Rien
I love you Kaey
I love you Tarolin
I love you Grave
I love you Nagai
I love you mich123
I love you meowmami
I love you meowpapi
I love you Bonk
I love you Chancho
I love you Veecious
I love you Rylin
I love you Ary
I love you Smartous
I love you Zylith
I love you Vou
I love you Goji
I love you Quani
I love you Kuref
I love you leu123
I love you VIDESI
I love you Meeepz
I love you Awko
I love you Arielle
I love you Tiners
I love you Cringe
I love you Kouro
I love you Kashi
I love you Joseph
I love you Jowa
I love you Jue
I love you Qui
I love you kouki
I love you Sixties
I love you Azulon
I love you Sigo
I love you APHEO
I love you Xyneo
I love you Saeng
I love you Regretzs
I love you Coreyelle
I love you Cubbi
I love you Many0
I love you CMJakup
I love you Conduct
I love you Nai

I'm probably going to hate myself once I post this and remember anyone else to add to that list so I apologize in advance to my Amigos. I appreciate every one of you. o,o Okay eat lots of chocolate lol.

- IGN: Carmie

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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #10 on: February 14, 2020, 03:42:47 AM »
IGN: UnicornGodz
Couple IGN: UniGoddess

Where do I begin?

Do I start with the countless nights spent in call together listening to our heartbeats syncing to the tempo of our breaths?
Do I start with that smile of yours, constantly coaxing an undeniable grin from my stoic face?
Or do I start with the unconditional love you have provided me regardless of my faults?

It doesn't matter.

What matters is that we exist together, right here, right now. With every passing moment, I have only one regret: not seeking you out sooner in life. Ours is a bond that transcends reality. I know that no matter the distance between us, we would have eventually found each other. You are my soulmate through and through. You make my heart go uwu, and just being with you is enough for me. I want you more than any blue sky.

But, you may ask, how? How do I know that you are my soulmate?

I know because, without you, I cease to perceive. I was dead until the moment I met you. I was a powerless corpse pretending to be alive. The world was grey for me and I forgot the existence of color. The passing of time was an indistinguishable blur. But, I was always searching for the light. And there I found you.

When I heard your voice, it was as though Prometheus himself came down from Mount Olympus and passed on fire to me. The world was reignited and I was then capable of appreciating what existed around me. Who else can instill such a transformation except for a soulmate?

And so, thank you, my love, for bringing me redemption. It's been almost a year since we married and the time we spent together has been pure bliss. You entered my life when I had just lost hope in love. You are my reason to live and the reason why I continue to persevere in improving myself. You taught me that this world knows no bounds; all it takes is a little bit of imagination.

To the future, together, we shall strive. Because you are I, and I am you.  :) <3

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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #11 on: February 14, 2020, 09:24:13 AM »
To My Lovely Couple Regretzs ♡
From the day we first met back in June 29 2018, when we first talked on Audition and discord. Although I barely knew you, jokingly enough we both agreed to meet each other in real life because of how close we lived near each other. Traded numbers and even sent pics to find each other(well more like I did). Even if I was scared it was a risk I was going to take. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this mini audition meet up with just the two of us.
July 2nd 2018, was the first time we met irl. Our first meeting wasn’t the best, it started off as us passing by each other while making eye contact, me choking on boba, me failing at Skeeball and bumping my head on a wall because of how clumsy I am. I make good first impression hehe, but I know for a fact we both enjoyed ourselves. Given the fact we barely knew each other, you really brought the light and warmth I searched for the longest time. Out of everything that happen that day, from first time we made eye contact before I knew it,I’ve already fallen for you. I didn’t believe in love at first sight t’ill I met you.
After that day we met, I kept bugging you once a month to hang out with me although I kept thinking you wouldn’t because of that first impression. I wanted to know you more, and get closer to you, but my insecurities got the best of me to where I thought you were never gonna hangout with me ever again. You proved me wrong. You continued to hang out with me once a month, then it became twice a month, t’ill it became like a usual routine. Those small hangouts with just the two of us, meant a lot. Meeting you and then falling in love with you was the best thing that ever happened to me. it’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world.
Thank you for everything you do, during all the good and bad, when I’m about to lose all hope. You gave me nothing but happiness and love that I wished to find.
Out of the eight billion people in the world, theres only you. I could say millions and millions of words but none of them would do to describe how much I love you.

If a thin red string brought us together by fate, then it was destiny.
Our strings may have been in tangles but not once it broke apart.
Regardless of the time, place or circumstances, this strings connects us.

Who would have thought a small community that we both enjoyed called Audition Redbana brought me to you.
After 1 year trying to get you to notice me, it became official on 08-10-2019 ♡. And after 2 years to get you to marry me on Redbana, it became official on 01-28-2020 ♡

I don’t know where the future will take us, but as long as you’re by my side that’s all that matters. Our love story may not be like those classic fairytales but we’re perfect together. You & I against the world ♡

P.S Better not leave me, because you’ll “Regretzs” it. (This is a threat, You really will)

6 Months Strong, and Many More♡
I Love You So Much ♡
                                                                                                                                              ~Love, Your Clumsy Couple Brin (●♡∀♡)

Couple IGN: Regretzs

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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #12 on: February 14, 2020, 11:12:09 PM »
❤️To the love of my life, my sweetest oppa aka my beloved fiancé ❤️
Hmm where do I even start? There are not enough words for me to fully express the depth of my love and how much I appreciated you oppa. I love how this audi game brought our hearts and souls together. You went from being my couple (in game), to my in real life boyfriend, and I can finally call you my fiancé now. With you I feel like I’m the luckiest woman on Earth. What can I say? I am beyond blessed. Even though you are 1,747 miles away, your love makes me feel that you are right beside me. I’m extremely thankful that you existed in my world and the best gift I ever received is your devoted love. Thank you for always coming to see me every time you can. Thank you for always spoiling me from both audi+in real life. Thank you for loving everything about me, including my imperfections. You’ve proved to me that good men still existed and you are that one in a billion. Every single moment I share with you fills with deep joy and just pure happiness. Every day with you is indeed Valentine’s day and a fun adventure. I love you mucho and always my soulmate ❤️Lastly, I would like to thanks audi for bringing us together as one. Shoutouts to my loveys from XO and Dumplings fams. I love you guys and have a lovely Valentine’s day everyone!
❤️Mucho loves from Vy❤️
IGN: Mimba
Couple's IGN: Nimba
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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #13 on: February 15, 2020, 02:45:02 AM »
I wanna thank my friends back in galaxy for being nothing short but wonderful and genuine friends. I'm not really the type to share these kind of things in public since it's so open LOL but... I have been playing Audition close to a decade and haven't really found friends that were as genuine as them and I really appreciate that.

They were there when things were hard and were there to celebrate the happiness in my life as I would be glad to return the favor when sharing our lives together. To a point, they wouldn't really be Audition friends but just be friends that I have known for awhile.

Additionally, I wanna thank the Community Agents and the certain few for being incredibly patient working with me. I am excited to everyone of you guys passion and drive to try to make Redbana a better place and seeing each of you all grow day by day carrying the things you learn from this experience not just for Audition but for your career moving forward makes me really excited to see what the future may hold for you all in the coming years.

Thank you for working with me on the harder hitting issues and the sensitive topics and learning to adapt very quickly to the changes. It isn't an easy feat especially when you are a Community Agent but I appreciate all the hard work you put into this game

IGN: Alphard

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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #14 on: February 16, 2020, 04:12:46 AM »
to my annoying ass couple lol hi jed ♡ i'm just gonna keep this simple so uhm lol this video is for u.

IGN: Sed
Couple's IGN: Jed