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Author Topic: X-Trap blocking "MUNT" mt32emu.dll  (Read 5517 times)

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X-Trap blocking "MUNT" mt32emu.dll
« on: September 06, 2018, 04:23:23 PM »

X-Trap is detecting MUNT, a Roland MT-32 midi device emulator, everytime I start the game and then closes it down.


Can you please update it to make an exception?
I use MUNT to play old DOS games with the Roland MT-32 music setting, as it grants a really nice music output on some of my games.

I had it temporarily uninstalled in order to play Audition again, but I don't want to keep reinstalling it everytime I want to play some of my DOS games.
As it is a midi device, it cannot be turned off, so the only way to play Audition and avoid X-Trap closing it down is to uninstall it everytime I want to play.

MUNT can be found here:

Video example: