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Author Topic: [December 2019] Catch Santa's Apprentice Event  (Read 37 times)

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[December 2019] Catch Santa's Apprentice Event
« on: November 29, 2019, 03:35:58 AM »

Watch out for Santa's apprentice! Your job is to catch him before Christmas! Only you guys can win with your magic powers!

Time: December 1st - December 24th at Random Times

Find & get a higher score than him to receive your deserved prize.
He is found the most where the music is the loudest.

- Jakup will create a room or join a room randomly.
 - The number of rounds is determined by the date the event is hosted. (e.x 1 December = 1 round, 2 December = 2 rounds, etc)
- Winners can only join the event once per day.
- Mode and Song will be determined by CM/GM.
- Winners are not allowed to share their win with other people.
- A CM/GM has the right to disqualify a player if the CM/GM feels that the person is hacking or is not fulfilling the event conditions.
- Players that disconnect will be disqualified for that round.

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