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Author Topic: [FAM Battle Games! 2019] Event 1 - Fam Battle]  (Read 4704 times)

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[FAM Battle Games! 2019] Event 1 - Fam Battle]
« on: September 30, 2019, 12:38:57 AM »

FAM Battle Games! 2019
Event 1: FAM BATTLE!

Hello dancers, thank you for waiting. I am now happy to announce that our registration page for the fam battles has just opened. 

I have taken into many people's consideration and their feedback to the last audition fam olympics and hopefully you guys enjoy this event as much as last years!  So here are the following rules for the event:

1. First and foremost, any hackers or any cheater caught in this event will be immediately banned and their entire fam will be disqualified. Please do not hack in this event. It is very rare to host an event that provides genuine sportsmanship and competition. Don't hack out of moral ethics lol.
2. Games will be held 200 FPS. I have discussed this very in depth with Redbana and unfortunately they see this as a game boosting modification that ruins the fun for everyone else. I also feel it is better to have it at this fps because it is quite rare to play against each other in this fps.
3. Community Agents and Game Masters are allowed to refuse certain players from playing given bad reputation. We are also allowed to disqualify any players we feel that are trying to hide their identity when they were previously banned. I'm sure a lot of you players don't want to play certain x and y players because they have been banned like 5 times already lol. Feel free to inbox me if you want to share any concerns with any players you feel need to be known for the event.
 4. Players must demonstrate their game files + their gameplay during the fam battle event with FPS showing. The games will be sent to the redbana department that handles hackers. No video, no gameplay, instant disqualification. Period. (A tutorial will be coming later before the event starts)
5. Players are only allowed to represent 1 fam at a time.
6. Any offensive remarks towards GMS/CA’s/Other Players during the event within redbana platform or outside of redbana platform will lead to an immediate fam disqualification. Friendly banter is allowed. Let’s just have fun.
7. Minimal of 3 watchers per room to reduce lagging for players. 8. You can have unlimited amount of players to represent your fam. Yay rotations.

1. 200 fps + Bandicam of your game files + gameplay
2. Rotation of players is allowed.
3. 5 games per match
4. 1st round will be cc4 120-140, 5th game will be 140+ bpm
5. 2nd round will be cc8 120-140, 5th game will be 140+ bpm
6. 3rd round will be dc4 120-140, 5th game will be 140+ bpm
7. 4th round will be dc8 120-140, 5th game will be 140+ bpm (if it gets that far)

PRIZES(distribution is yet discussed within the redbana team)
Custom FAM SET designed by FAM
Custom Loading screen created by fam personal design
Decade Mark(rare mark)
FAM points
Followed up by a consult with Redbana GM on final design
Followed up by a consult with Redbana GM on final design. Image resolution is 1024x768

*FAM Leaders should register their Fams and as a Member and
*FAM Members who wants to participate should also register on our website

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Re: [FAM Battle Games! 2019] Event 1 - Fam Battle]
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2019, 04:29:13 AM »

Hello Dancers,

The registration period is only until October 31, 2019.

Kindly wait for the announcement on the start of the event. Thank you. :)

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