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Author Topic: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread  (Read 749 times)

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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #15 on: February 16, 2020, 04:12:46 AM »
to my annoying ass couple lol hi jed ♡ i'm just gonna keep this simple so uhm lol this video is for u.

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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #16 on: Yesterday at 01:15:41 AM »
Hi, Michelle. I wanna explain all my feelings and how I feel about you!
You, exactly you, michelle. You've changed my life as I never thought it could happen to.
You've become my best friend and then I always appreacited your friendship with me!
You're so special in my life that I can't believe how I'm lucky to find out you in time.
You've been the best person in my life, who ever helped me, tried to make me happy when I was sad and etc.
I'm thankful because I met you.

To this wonderful girl I wanna say:
I love you very much, Michelle. I'll always love you and I'll be there for you no matter what!
You're my favorite part of my life and I'm very happy when I'm with you.
Each day when I wake up, my first thoughts is you, because I'm used to think in only happy things
and it's you!
When I think about you, of course I make a smile because I know that I'll be happy talking to you!

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Re: [February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread
« Reply #17 on: Yesterday at 10:54:31 PM »
Dear Hubby,

Allo it me again! It's been almost 2 years since the last appreciation event and girl have i been appreciatin youuuu!! LOL. Well foreaal first of all thank you for this cunie drawing again. You never fail to come up with something amazing and cute. As i also said before a picture is worth a thousand words. :-* :P ;)

Some things has changed like our outfit making synergy has improved don't you think? We don't clash as much on making matching couple outfits, look we're so cute and we didn't event try hehe ;D :-*.

Even though you have to sleep early now cause of school, nothing much has really changed. We still get it down on the dance floor, we still binge shows or movies, we stay up all night, and we crave food when it's waay too late to be eating. I'll admit it's been a minute since we had a can't sleep till someone x20s typa night. (thank god... i aint tryna sleep at 5am :-\)

I thank you for all those moments we've had and i know that we will continue to have cause they've always just been good vibes and big smiles. You always make me feel comfortable, i feel like i can always be myself and act all goofy, i'll forever be grateful for that xo. Thank you for existing, breathing, and being part of my life LOL. I want to let you know that i'll always care for you and you will always have a hubby to count on for anything. I hope you get everything you dream for in life because you deserve everything <3.

Hubby xo
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ps. Happy Belated Birthday from ATTK FAM! Credits to jacob for this cunie drawing xo.

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