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Forum Rules and Regulations
« on: August 21, 2018, 02:16:07 AM »

Forum Rules and Regulations

1. Penalties

A. Your forum account is linked to your Redbana accounts and all your game accounts. Any violations of the rules that result in a suspension will also include a suspension of your Redbana and game accounts.

B. Every warning your forum account receives will result to an added 10% to your account Warning Level.
30% Warning Level - 7-day forum account suspension
50% Warning Level - 14-day forum account suspension
70% Warning Level - 30-day forum account suspension and 14-day in-game account suspension
100% Warning Level - 50-day forum account suspension and 30-day in-game account suspension

C. Any proven attempts to bypass punishment using alternate methods will result in termination and denial of our services.

D. Any incurred infractions following a 50-Day Suspension will result in IP address ban.

2. Guidelines

A. Do not post any of the following:
- Obscene or Inappropriate language
- Racial or Ethnic Slurs
- Comments of Extreme Violence
- cherryual or Explicit material
- Illegal Activities
- Profanity
- Discrimination of any kind
- Stereotyping
- Threats against another's life or rights as a human being
- Real life personal information
- Hacks or use of Unofficial Third Party Programs or promotions of illegal programs of any kind
- Copyrighted material including brand names and companies
- Advertisements
- Violations of any local, state, national or international law or regulation
- Foreign Languages and Characters
- Harrassment of Redbana Staff

B. Further implications
- This includes any attempts to MASK words that may not be included in the "Profanity Filter" and the posting of any media including images, videos, and sound files.
- This includes any attempts to LINK other players to sites that involves this material.
- This includes any language that might IMPLY any of the above material.
- This includes the creation or formation of symbols using ASCII.
- This includes text found in your Name, Profile, Media, or any material found within the Redbana forums, websites, social networking pages, and games.
- This includes any attempt to GOAD other players or groups into violating these guidelines.
- This includes ENCOURAGING others to post any of the above.
- The categories above may not address all manners of offensive behavior. It is at the Game masters and Redbana Police discretion and will be discussed before any actions are taken.

3. Rules

We will not tolerate the following types of Threads, Posts, and Replies:

I. Flaming
Forum members may not post message to insult other forum members, whether that be an individual, or a group of members.

II. Blacklisting
Forum members cannot blacklist any person, or group by name within the forums including media in the forms of videos or images. Any violations of Redbana rules and regulations by another must be reported to the Game Masters, Forums Moderators, or Redbana Staff.

III. Trolling
Posts that are intended to solely offend or annoy other forum members by going against the rules of conduct are not allowed.

IV. Harassment
Forum members are not to harass or offend any other users. Forum members may not threaten or create an offensive and hostile environment between forum members, failure to do so will result in infractions.

V. Impersonation
Forum members may not impersonate other forum members by creating a forum handle with a name that clearly was made to impersonate, annoy, antagonize or to falsely claim to be another forum member. Impersonating celebrities, popular people, or any person pertaining to companies, brands, or copyrighted material is also prohibited. Impersonating any site administrators, moderators or Redbana employees is also strictly not allowed and is grounds for termination of the account.

VI. Spamming/ Flooding
Forum members may not post replies or comments that have no bearing with the ongoing discussion, or that may be deemed as nonsense especially to increase one's post count or antagonize other members of the community.

VII. Account / Item Selling

VIII. Public Discussion of Account Violations
Forum members may not post any discussions concerning account warnings, suspensions, or terminations for violations of the Redbana Rules and Guidelines. If you feel that you are wrongly accused, or did not violate these rules in any way, please contact a Game Master, or Forum Moderator.

IX. Thread "Necro"
Forum Members may not post replies or comments to threads long abandoned or resolved by the community. This will apply to future situations.

X. Signatures & Avatars
- All Rules & Guidelines apply to Signatures & Avatars
- Size Limit: 500 x 150
- No Videos allowed
- Reservations

The categories above may not address all manners of offensive behavior. It is at the Game masters and Forum Moderators discretion and will be discussed before any actions are taken.

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