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Author Topic: [March 2019] BUG AND NOTICE FOR THE LATEST UPDATE 3/20/2019  (Read 3388 times)

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« on: March 20, 2019, 08:14:07 AM »
Geetings Auditioneers,

Please take time to read.

Due to the recent server issue, we are experiencing bugs in the game from the latest update but first, we would like to inform everyone regarding the status of Home Premium Mark and Simple Idol Set/Comic Girl Set compensation. As of now, the team is still in the process of sending out all the items. Kindly wait for your compensations and we thank you for your patience.

1. Indefinite duration glitch - Some items lost the 'Indefinite' duration option upon purchasing after the recent update (03/20/2019) this bug will be fixed on the next maintenance.

2. Riverdale FAM Set - This set should be exclusive to the FAM, but due to known bugs, it is currently available for purchase on the shopping mall. We highly recommend you to not purchase this set. Players who will purchase the set will have the item removed by the next server maintenance with no refunds or return. This is to avoid bugs as this item is supposedly NOT available on the shopping mall, applicable to cases beyond Mar 20, 2019 8:14 AM EST.

3. 2018 Season Avatar 2 - Bugged Item, We highly advise all the players who owned this to NOT equip this item. Steam players will be disconnected upon equipping this item, browsing it through the inventory, or being in the same room as a person equipped with this item. We have forwarded this to the developers and we are waiting for the fix hopefully by the next server maintenance.

4. Duplicate Mall Items - Due to known bugs, some hidden items are shown, and some items have duplicates on the 'Shopping Mall'. These are the items that have same appearance or display but different names and prices.

5. Missing Items - Some items are suddenly missing from the 'Shopping Mall' which is supposedly up for sale after the latest update (03/20/2019).

6. Missing 2x EXP Cards - Players who have their EXP cards disappear from their inventory are advised to contact our support team with a screenshot of their Inventory > Item tab to have the concern properly addressed.

These are the known bugs after today's update. We are already communicating with the developers to fix all these issues as soon as possible.

We sincerely thank you for patience and staying with us. We aim only for the best for the game and the community.


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