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Author Topic: [March 2019] Guess and Maintain  (Read 3326 times)

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[March 2019] Guess and Maintain
« on: March 01, 2019, 02:11:54 AM »

  Hello Auditioneers!

  Are you good at guessing? How about maintaining? Well, let's see how good you are..  ;)

  - The Game Master will create a locked room.
    - He/She will shout out a password hint.
    - First 3 players to enter the room will receive a 7-day item of their choice and the Game Master inside the locked room will ask immediately for their item choice.
    - The Game Master will set a random 120-140bpm music in that locked room and the 2nd place of the match will win 2000 BanaCash.

  - An account can only win 1 room password guessing and 1 event match.
  - The 2nd place of the event match is the winner not the 1st place.
  - Player's disconnection due to any reason will automatically forfeit the reward on that round.
  - The GM has the right to kick players that are: rude, not following instructions, and interfering with the flow of the event and other
  derogatory things. Depending on the degree of offense, it can lead up to a permanent ban.
  - All rewards will be sent after the event.


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