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Community Agent Events / Re: [December 2019] Two Truths and A Lie! Event
« Last post by Animus on December 19, 2019, 06:55:38 PM »
IGN: Animus

1. TFT
2.  TTF
3. FTT
4. FTT
5. TFT
6. FTT
7. TFT
8. FTT
9. TTF
10. FTT
11. FTT
Community Agent Events / Re: [December 2019] Two Truths and A Lie! Event
« Last post by jxck on December 19, 2019, 04:59:24 AM »
IGN: Jaq

Community Agent Events / [Dec.Discord][December 2019] Discord Suggestion! Event
« Last post by Brazen on December 19, 2019, 01:24:24 AM »

All suggestions for this event will be evaluated by rationality and winners will be determined by the Audition Council (Community Managers, Community Agents), reacts in the channel do not count.

Time : December 17th - December 31st

3 players will be chosen to receive 1 piece 30% coupon for posting suggestions in #suggestions (in Discord).

Discord Link:

Have fun!

by CA Acquisitive (Gökalp)

--- Bear Bump ---

Mood : Relaxing
Currently Watching/Listening/Playing : Food Wars - S1Ep4
Thoughts of a lil bear : Been a lil busy with things - managing to post this week granted w/ how busy the holidays are. Stay safe out there!

Art piece : WIP - Chibi GM HedKandi [ source: ]

Art piece : Mini Chibi MeepBear [ source: ]

Art piece : Mini Chibi Oddbrother [ source: ]

Art piece : Livestream session - none this time around :)
Community Agent Events / Re: [December 2019] Two Truths and A Lie! Event
« Last post by mich123 on December 18, 2019, 04:57:17 PM »
Hello Audition dancers! This is the second set of the Two Truths and a Lie Event! Similarly to the first set of truths and lies, your goal is to figure out which piece of information is the lie so that you may learn something new about the CAs and GMs! From here on, players are limited to asking questions only on forums with a limit of 1 question per council member. Please specify which set of truths and lies you are guessing in your post! Players that participated before, can participate again.

Set 1 : 28/50 entries Set 2 : 0/50 entries

REMINDER: All submissions for both sets end 12/30 at 11:59 PM EST if they have not reached 50/50 entries by that point

Here is the information from the participating CA’s and GM’s for the second round:

1. Brazen:
My name's meaning is shy and noobie noob noob :3
I have changed my IGN once
I like the mode Shooting Star

2. Alphard:
My favorite social activity is eating food and drinking.🍆
I have been been working with Redbana as a Community Agent/Community Manager for 4 years
My favorite comfort food is eating korean kimchi ramen followed by alfredo pasta.

3. Leebyn:
I've been coupled with Greentlover (Waiwai) for over 8 years.
Before Nexon transferred the game to Redbana, I only played Audition during Maplestory maintenance time.
I own 3 Audition guitar controllers.

4. Diegu:
I am a dentist by day and a dancer at night
My favorite song is You're Already Gone since the bpm of the song is 190
i have 3 high level accounts and the ign of my accounts are 5ky,Diegu, and ykS

5. Jakup:
I didnt make any application for being CM/CA
I cant use chance 6 at 8k
I hate redbana

6. Xuki:
I've been playing this game since 2015.
I've joined or made 5 FAMS
I've been wanting to be a CA since 2016.

7. Caterina:
I am a competitive person
I ride an electric skateboard to and from school
I can play the piano

8. Badass:
I like peanut butter & banana sandwhiches
I like pineapples on pizza
I like 70% dark chocolate

9. Deniz:
I have never done a CFM on 208 bpm using 1 finger.
I have been playing Audition since 2017.
I became Level 81 in the first 5 months of playing Audition Redbana

10. Ga.ybe (without .):
I have the same team mates since Nexon
I started playing Audition at the age of 8
I only married 3 people in Nexon and Redbana

11. Arm:
I can play audi twohandingup to 140 bpm
I have an alternative team bonus account with over 500 loses
I used to go by Dindin instead of Dini
Latest News and Announcements / NEW CONTENT Update! 12/18/2019
« Last post by Brazen on December 18, 2019, 05:00:13 AM »
Hello Auditioneers~, :D

Here is the New Content Update for December 2019!:

Triple Gacha Update

New Songs

New Avatars

Winter Audition Town

Ornament Christmas Event

Holiday Events

CA Events

Thank you! :)

Latest News and Announcements / Server Maintenance 12/18/2019 [COMPLETED]
« Last post by Brazen on December 17, 2019, 10:19:49 PM »

Hi All Auditioneers~, :)

Please be informed that our Server Maintenance will proceed today, December 18, 2019 at 9:30 PM PST / 12:30 AM EST / 6:30 AM CET.

Thank you for your continuous support.  :)

*Server will be closed by then until further notice.

Server is Now Up!

Thank you for patiently waiting everyone. You can now login to the game.

Let's Play and See you in-game! ^_^ :*

Latest News and Announcements / [December 2019] Winter Holiday Season Is Coming!
« Last post by Brazen on December 17, 2019, 04:29:38 AM »

Get ready to dance with cheer! Audition Town is preparing to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  :) :D :-* ^_^

Redbana - General Discussion / Re: Looking for old friends
« Last post by Brazen on December 16, 2019, 07:04:10 AM »

Hi KaterinaBark :)

Sorry for that, here's a new link:

Thank you again :)

Redbana - General Discussion / Re: Looking for old friends
« Last post by KaterinaBark on December 16, 2019, 06:37:36 AM »

Hi KaterinaBark, Hi Gabe, :)

We are still here in the forum and we have forum events and others :) If your friends are Discord, you can check them in Audition in Discord too :) Here's the link:

You can still ask and message others here in the forum and check the forum events, in-game and discord events :)

That link is expired !!!  :'(
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