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--- Bear Bump ---

Mood : Relaxing
Currently Watching/Listening/Playing : Shokugeki No Souma: Shin no Sara Ep3
Thoughts of a lil bear : Back to trying to post weekly. This post again is a bit of a change of pace so to speak - kinda had to dig around to find some old Audition Fan Art trades and fan art done of my Audi character from current [or prior - rip old forums] forumers. Definitely thankful and appreciative for all the fan art interpretation - there has to be something said about bringing a smile & happiness when someone ends up art trading or doing fan art of your character. So I guess this is a fan art appreciation post today & hopefully will get back on track :D.

Art piece : Fan Art Trade w/ someone that was on Audi [ source: ]

Art piece : Revisited fan art trade drawing meme [ source: ]

Art piece : Revisited Fan Art Trade [ source: ]

Art piece : Livestream session - none this time around :)
Bug Reports / Triple Gacha, Charisma Wings Bug Update
« Last post by Badass on Yesterday at 12:56:01 PM »
Users that experienced 14 day Charisma Wings bug noticed no item upon opening it in giftbox or item disappeared from inventory upon relogging. Please forward it in a support ticket (as per an account issue).

CM @Alphard also consulted players in #redbana-chat on discord for replacement wings because Charisma Wings wanted to bug up on us, even after the fix. The wings should be replaced by now.

When filing your ticket, submit a screenshot of your giftbox and inventory with missing Charisma Wings.

Example was provided by player Xeyno , this is what you'd want to submit into support.

Player-Hosted Events / [November 2019] Lucky Numbers! Event (CA Event)
« Last post by Brazen on Yesterday at 03:48:29 AM »

Test your luck in mich123's first Community Agent event, Lucky Numbers!

Time: November 15 to December 8 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at random times.

Mode: Random (Normal, 1-2 Party, Beat Up, Beat Rush)

A CA will create a random mode room at random times where players will compete with each other in order to achieve the highest score with the least amount of variables.

A score of 350,350 would beat a score of 345,345 because it is the higher score despite having the same amount of variables.

A score of 300,000 would beat a score of 350,350 because it has the least amount of variables despite being the lower score.

- A CA will mega when rounds for the day are about to start
- The player that has the highest score with the least amount of variables wins
- One winner per round and an account can only win once for the duration of the event
- Participants can try again on a different day

10 rounds x3 EXP & 7 Day Apprentice Pet


Bing bong, time for Dini's(Arm) first Community Agent event.

This is a Holly Jolly Trivia Christmas Special that will test your Christmas knowledge starting at November 15 (where Christmas starts in America) to Dec 15.

1. Arm/CA's will create a locked room
2. A mega of a question pertaining to the magic of Christmas will be announced
3. The answer is the key to the locked room
4. first 5 people that gets in the stage wins prizes!
5. 1 winner per account

30% Discount Coupon for Winners

Latest News and Announcements / Server Maintenance 11/13/2019 [COMPLETED]
« Last post by Brazen on November 12, 2019, 10:51:36 PM »
Hiya All Auditioneers!~, :)

Please be informed that our Server Maintenance will proceed today, November 13, 2019 at 1:30 AM EST/10:30 PM PT.

Thank you for your continuous support.  :)

*Server will be closed by then until further notice.

Server is Now Up!

Thank you for patiently waiting everyone. You can now login to the game.

Let's Play and See you in-game! ^_^ :*

Player-Hosted Events / Re: [FAM Battle Games! 2019] Event 2 - Content Creation]
« Last post by Badass on November 12, 2019, 07:11:15 PM »
Update on Time to start submitting for Event 2

You can start making your entry now if you haven't already, but submissions on this forum will start on December 1st - December 8th at 11:59PM EST. Due to the holidays/exams, we can accept late entries up until December 10th at 11:59PM EST. All entries submitted after December 10th will be considered, but not eligible for top prize. Winners will be chosen the following week.
Guides and Tutorials / How to join "Redbana Audition Official" Discord Server
« Last post by Badass on November 12, 2019, 03:40:32 PM »

Hey you guys! As you know recently Redbana has a new discord server! We're doing our best to push out this platform to all the players because of the benefits and live topics that come with it. There, you'll be able to voice chat, live stream and exclusively join events in the Discord server.

If you haven't made an account for it yet here are a few resources.

Getting started with Discord :

How to invite your friends to Discord:

A link to the Redbana Audition Official Discord:
*If this link ever expires, just search "Redbana Audition Official" and the server should pop up.

Come join and let us know you're there!
Fan Creations and Blogs / Re: 5un's ART <3
« Last post by Sun on November 12, 2019, 04:09:42 AM »
Thank you very much :)
I am glad you like it  ;D
Latest News and Announcements / [UPDATE] TRIPLE GACHA Bonanza! 11/12/2019
« Last post by Brazen on November 12, 2019, 02:55:20 AM »

Greetings All Auditioneers!~ ^_^

Let us all Welcome, the TRIPLE GACHA! :D

We would like to introduce to everyone, our NEW Gacha Bonanza system and it just got tripled! ^^

Spin our All New Triple Gacha Bonanza now and receive awesome and cool rewards!  :-*


Good Luck and Have Fun :)!

 - Some items are Limited Edition and they are not available in the Shopping Mall.
 - Gacha items are automatically sent to the Gift Box immediately.
 - The items in the Gacha System will be changed randomly without any prior notice.
 - The items in the Gacha System can be obtained repeatedly.

Latest News and Announcements / [November 2019] 11/11 Limited Group Purchase Shop Event!
« Last post by Brazen on November 11, 2019, 12:23:16 AM »

Hello All Auditioneers!~ ^^

The 11/11 is here! :D

Limited time to get the much awaited and wonderful items with great discounts! :D ^_^

Let's invite our friends and reach 11/11 :*

Please go to this link for the list of items:

11/11 Limited Group Purchase Shop

- All items will be purchased with the original price. The discounts will only be applied as a cash-back and be sent after the event.
- Getting 11/11 purchases will restore the counter back to 0 and start the tier system all over again.
- Discounts will be applied to all accounts who joined and reached the 11/11 purchase.
- Discount tiers will only be applied when the required number of purchases is reached.
(20% discount on 3rd purchase, 30% discount on the 5th purchase, 40% on the 11th purchase.)
- All purchases are non-refundable.
- An item/package can only be purchased once per account.
- Items are immediately sent to your giftbox, Mascot items in your Mascot Salon and Mark inside the room in "Change Mark" option.
- Kindly submit a ticket to the support team should you encounter any problems or you have any questions.

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