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[February 2020] Friendship, Love & Appreciation Thread

Is there someone you want to show your love and appreciation for? Now is the time to publicly spread your love and positivity!


Schedule Day & Time:
[February 1 to February 20]

  • Reply to this thread and show appreciation for whomever you choose! The medium is your choice! (writing, music, art, etc.)
  • Include your IGN, the IGN(s) of the players you’re showing appreciation for, and the category they belong in (friend, FAM members, couple, etc.)
  • Only one submission per player

10 winners can choose one from the following list of items:
  • 30 Day Exchange Coupon
  • Premium Messenger Plus (30 Days)
  • Hi! Bumi/Hi~ Bomi Emoticons (30 Days)
  • 2X COUPLE POINT Item (30 pieces)
  • Full Denim CoupleLookF (female top) / Full Denim CoupleLook M (male top) (30 Days)
  • Morning Jogging CoupleLookF (female top) / Morning Jogging CoupleLookM (male top) (30 Days)

  • Winners will be determined by GMs, CMs and CAs.
  • Edited entries will NOT be eligible.
  • Event will last until February 20, 2020 EST.

I’m ready for you all to make my heart melt!

- CA mich123

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