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Redbana - General Discussion / Re: Unabu's Genuine Interest
« on: June 26, 2019, 06:19:03 AM »
If you're kicking people out for any reason then that's your fault, this is Audition lmao, if someone kicked me out without any reason in Audition I would assume they have beef with me, most of the people in Redbana (if there still is) just want to hang around and play some games, the sole purpose of the game is to literally meet new people while dancing. BTW if you think this is toxic, pass by Expert Tournament, by semifinals everyone's calling each other every single insult known to man.

If you're getting triggered by someone calling you g*y then you don't know sh*t, lmao, I would've just literally said "ok" to that.

Technical Support / .dll XTrap Error. [FIX]
« on: June 26, 2019, 06:07:15 AM »
If you're getting an error like this.

It's because of a Windows update file that is messing with XTrap, you need to go back to a previous version. Here's a tutorial for that.

I believe dxcore.dll is part of the 10.0.18362.1 update, just uninstall that one.
If you have a problem with another .dll just check what version it is and uninstall that update.

An user on this forum posted a thread containing information similar to this, I don't know if the user deleted it or if it was taken down, if it was taken down, it was done without the support of the forum rules.

Quote from: TroubledUser69
I would like a reimbursement due to the technical issues.
I purchased multiple items which durations are defined to a week, and I will not be able to use them as long due to the stated situation, is the Redbana Staff going to do anything about it? I wasted time on my garden, and all of my plants are going to rot now..

I believe who bought items deserve a Compensation due to the server's closure due to the obvious cause, after the issue is done, I believe all of the players in the server should get a gift in response to the service shutdown, if you refuse to give this to the players, then you should at least give ALL the players who bought items that had a predetermined duration which were affected by the shutdown an amount of value equal to the amount of time in the assets they lost.

The answer is simple, it is realistically not possible to give a reward to every player that spent cash on items with a duration that was affected by the shutdown, since you could not even figure that out in the first place, so, just give a reward to all the players so we can all be happy and move on with our lives.

On a side note, if you just don't do anything at all, you would be saying that you do not care for the people that contributed to the server, and that you're not going to do anything about it because it is not your business.

That's like saying you don't care about your player-base, so Redbana Corp like, you know, I wonder when you are actually going to add the High-Performance mode on the patcher, since you know, half of the Player-Base uses it anyways, and the players that don't use it are tempted to use it because they are getting completely demolished by the players who do have it, and let's be honest, the developers are not going to come up with a patcher that scans all of the files in the client before it boots up and rewrites them, so just make a decision and make it available for everyone for the sake of this community.

I don't even waste my time on this server anymore but playing with 120 FPS against a guy with ~1000 on any type of environment must be you know, not a very good experience especially when people are trying to win games, at like events or... you know your tournaments.

Redbana - General Discussion / Re: Server-Side Bans.
« on: March 09, 2019, 10:32:35 PM »

Applaud where my user is.
(I think the karma might be global tho, not actually liking the post, just my user I guess.)

Redbana - General Discussion / Server-Side Bans.
« on: March 09, 2019, 09:19:03 PM »
People should not get banned in this situation, the only reason someone would get banned at this time is for Server-Side manipulation, just because the X-Trap servers are down does not mean you have the right to ban people without evidence.

If you are that ignorant that you think someone might actually responsible for this, you should not be banning anyone for Server-Side hacking in the first place.

Hacking is defined as the editing or modification of our game client or the use of 3rd party programs during game play.

Our policies for Hacking include but are not limited to the following:
•   Using third party programs.
•   Using memory editors, trainers or debuggers in the altercation of our software client, servers or databases.
•   Modification of the software, cabananaems or service to alter game play, including, without limitation, creating cheats and/or hacks or using third-party software to access files in the software or service.
•   Use of macros, bots or any other behavior which allows for your account to automatically function any in-game action with or without your presence.

Players suspected of in-game hacking that are reported to the support team will have a filed case for investigation and will or will not be punished according to the information and in-game data, logs, and information gathered by the staff.

These rules do not discuss server-side manipulation very well, but I'm pretty sure you also need to have evidence for that, if Redbana Corp. truly believed that someone was messing with their servers, they would just contact the authorities.

Someone's past record is also not enough evidence to ban someone on any grounds, specific persons will not be discussed in the main thread as according to my judging of the poorly worded rules, you are not allowed to discuss about punishments in the forums (which I think it's just a way to suppress information to the users in the community), I believe the main purpose for that rule was to avoid discussing about individuals and causing drama, and, since I'm not talking about an individual since I'm not naming anyone, the post itself is valid.

(I've been a Forum Admin for 8 game forums, first time I've seen people aren't allowed to talk about their bans, some of them even have a ban appeal section, might want to check that rule.)

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