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Audition Council Events / Re: [February 2020] Come On and Slam!
« on: February 12, 2020, 01:19:10 PM »
IGN: Mij

I'm very thankful to my Fam (BB/U1O1)
In May 2019, I started playing audition again which is the redbana server from not having played for almost 6 years (last played was 2013 AudiSea).
I first met/played with rainbowslush (now IGN Honte) who was always online whenever I was on. We chat and met lots of other people along the way. We were always together playing until we met/played with more people like Teekoy, Aue, Atropos and Dainee, where we ended up playing all the time and almost everyday in summer. Along the way we met Jaq who we did not trust 😅 at first because he is always afk (not really he reads the convo all the  time) but always follow our room. Then, Jim and Sed who also follow us too when there was a problem with their fam. The next person we met was Nanay (now Demz) who I pranked with the most common scam they do in the Philippines' mobile text because her IGN meant was mom. Then, we met WindRunner who was a newbie that time so basically kind of adopted her in the game lol. During that time I didn't know that I would be excited to go online everyday just to play with these people. We have fun conversations everyday where we ended up making our own groupchats. We have also made group video calls and share what's going on irl. We're basically all closed friends now that I never want to lose! This makes the game more fun when you know the people you play with. In March, I would be visiting back Philippines where I would be meeting Jane (WindRunner) and travel together with her to a lot of places!!! which I am VERY EXCITED FOR! I also hope to meet Jaq, Aue, and Daine while being there.
I did not know that I would be playing audition for this long because of these people because before from different server after 4 months or so I stopped playing the game.
I haven't met these people but I feel close to them and comfortable to talk to them and they feel like a family to me so I'm very thankful to Honte, Demz, Dainee, Aue, Teekoy, Jaq, Jim, Atropos, Sed, WindRunner, Rowj, and xLynch.
- Mij

Audition Council Events / Re: [January 2020] Draw your Audi Life!
« on: February 04, 2020, 02:44:42 PM »
IGN: Mij

Ign: Mij

IGN: Melpomene

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