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Oh wow..

I never would have thought having so much FPS could be bad.
I was reading another thread similar to what you were saying and they were talking about performance mode or something.

I wonder why it enlarges the perf spot, but thank you for explaining it to me.  At least now I'm aware of what it is.

100 fps is 10ms and 1000 fps is 1ms.

Imagine a perfect box and your ball is the size of ms. If the edge of your ball touches the edge of the box then it's a great. If it's fully in the box it's a perfect. Basically it increases the time frame you have to press space to still get a perfect.

It also increases the tolerance to get perfect in every other mode.

High fps is the new(new to me) way for peeps to cheat? o_o

I'm still happy to have just to be over 60fps.

People have been abusing it for years. It requires modifying a game file and is against ToS and not allowed in any official servers or actual tournaments. Only a private server like PVS will have 1k fps allowed.

It basically enlarges the perfect spot to the point where a real pro will FC while an average player will get x20s and get 3m average score on any on beat song. My average score went from 1m to 3m with a 10 to 1 perfect to great ratio on PVS.

Playing against these abusers is no different from playing against an on/off hacker. It is unwinnable and a total waste of time. Also note how a lot of people in live plays will refuse to show their fps for obvious reasons.

I can understand why this server doesn't get many songs due to copyright laws in the US. Maybe you guys don't even have developers either so you can't update the game.

But I don't get how come you literally refuse to do anything about hackers and cheaters with 1k fps. You're going to tell me that staff members don't have the power to ban cheaters either? Even a noob with 1k fps can spam x20 every other game and destroy real pros in normal mode. Tournament is a waste of time playing against these cheaters and people just don't go anymore.

It would take minimum effort to ban even just the top cheaters and make an example of them and make others think twice about cheating. Right now, it looks like nexon audi where literally nothing is being done about cheaters.

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