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Audition Council Events / Re: [January 2020] Draw your Audi Life!
« on: February 15, 2020, 03:24:06 AM »

my day is as stimulating as the rest of you lol

IGN: Alphard

I wanna thank my friends back in galaxy for being nothing short but wonderful and genuine friends. I'm not really the type to share these kind of things in public since it's so open LOL but... I have been playing Audition close to a decade and haven't really found friends that were as genuine as them and I really appreciate that.

They were there when things were hard and were there to celebrate the happiness in my life as I would be glad to return the favor when sharing our lives together. To a point, they wouldn't really be Audition friends but just be friends that I have known for awhile.

Additionally, I wanna thank the Community Agents and the certain few for being incredibly patient working with me. I am excited to everyone of you guys passion and drive to try to make Redbana a better place and seeing each of you all grow day by day carrying the things you learn from this experience not just for Audition but for your career moving forward makes me really excited to see what the future may hold for you all in the coming years.

Thank you for working with me on the harder hitting issues and the sensitive topics and learning to adapt very quickly to the changes. It isn't an easy feat especially when you are a Community Agent but I appreciate all the hard work you put into this game

IGN: Alphard

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