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Community Agent Events / Re: [December 2019] Two Truths and A Lie! Event
« on: December 03, 2019, 08:25:40 PM »
IGN: UnicornGodz

1. Arm: TFT
I have more than 10 accounts that are married to different people.
I’m secretly a weeb but won’t admit it because I don't want to be shamed.
I speak more than 3 languages fluently and can understand 5.

2. Xuki: FTT
I have changed my IGN 2 times.
I am the leader of the fam Savages and got into the finals in Guitar Tournament.
I have 2 siblings that used to play the game in 2010.

3. mich123: TTF
I have never changed my IGN once since joining Nexon Audition and transferring to Redbana.
I am the fam leader of Hikari and created it with a group of friends.
I have a total of 9 accounts, 6 of them are female, while 3 of them are male.

4. Ga.ybe (without .): FTT
My name is not Gabe.
I speak french and was born in France.
I almost died because of a bicycle wheel.

5. Covey: TTF
People call me Jenna, but my actual name is Janna.
I was born in the Philippines and moved to America at age 5.
I have a pet named “Pixie”.

6. Vou: FTT
I am a true weaboo and was born in Vietnam.
I have married 4 couples in the past.
I have changed my IGN a lot of times.

7. Deniz: TTF
My name in Turkish means “Sea Life”.
I love offbeat songs.
My brother is 40 years old while I am 19.

8. Jakup: FTT
I am shy.
I have 3 sisters.
I have a couple.

9. Badass: FTT
I’ve never won an expert or guitar medal on the server.
I’m 5’9.
I love to sing.

10. Psychedelic: TTF
Black is my color.
I am 184cm tall.
CC4 is my favorite mode.

11. audiboon: FTT
I hate this game.
My favorite mode is space pang pang because it’d the only mode I can play instead of getting 95 fails.
I’m really noob at this game.

ign: UnicornGodz
Please give me free stuff thnkx  :-

Player-Hosted Events / Re: Beat-Up Records Archive
« on: May 12, 2019, 03:32:27 PM »
Sorry for the huge load of uploads, I finally got around to going through my screenshots over the past month or two :3
I know you can't see the title of the "Beat City" post and tbh I don't even know what song that really is but I just assumed it was Beat City LMAO It's fine if you can't count that as a valid record I'll just go and screenshot another one c: (This goes for any other upload that has a part of the title of the song covered)

Euro 2005 - 185 g

Timing - 137 g

Beat City - 92 g

Queen of Dancing - 131 g

Little by Little - 180 g

Canon Groove - 150 g

Mov Mov - 165 g

Mr. No 1 Guide - 117 g

With You - 405 g

Go Go - 277 g

You - 70 g

Brain on Music - 118 g

Fresh - 84 g

Come on! - 352 g

Audition - 218 g

Baby Baby Baby - 131 g

Sweetie - 93 g

Yes, if it's you - 119 g

You're Already Gone - 147 g

Destiny - 243 g

Player-Hosted Events / Re: Beat-Up Records Archive
« on: March 04, 2019, 12:37:23 AM »
Surely - 328 g

Euro 2005 - 268 g

Going Crazy - 124 g

Move Shake Drop (Remix) - 348 g

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