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Click here to play a special compilation of this year's entries! We really appreciate all the effort and work that went into the content event.
Congrats again to the winners! Updates for sent prizes will be announced here and in Discord #announcements soon.

The results from Redbana are in ! Here are this years Content Event winners!

1st RISE
Prizes :
IGN Nait -  50,000 BANA CASH
Custom FAM Mark for registered and unregistered FAM Members of RISE

Fam name: RISE
ING: Nait

Fam mark:

Fam mark description:
I decided to put a rising sun on our Fam badge, because for me this symbolizes the best way, the meaning of our Fam name.


Image credits:
3D render of the girls made by my friend Sam Tisa.
Photo of Dream Forest Seoul taken from google.

Fam video:

Unfortunately, we have not that much players (we are just 3 right now :( ), as that I could make a good introduction video of us.
So I decided to make instead a cute 3D animation video, with my name(Natalia)  & our fam name (RISE) written on the dance floor.
Some of you may already know it, because I posted it two days ago facebook & discord.
This video was a hard work and took me a lot time to make. I started on 25 November and finished it on 19 December.

Fam video credits & information:

Song: Gokuraku Jodo - GARNiDELiA
Choreography by MiUME
Original dance motion is from Miku Miku Dance made by Yurie.
Converted to 3D Max BIP motion with Autodesk Motionbuilder 2018 by me.
Motion adjustment & clean up made in Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2018 with Curve Editor by me.
Scene set up in Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2018 by me.
All characters rigged manually by me to a 3D Studio Max Biped.
Camera motion made by me.
All 3D models and textures used in this video are made by T3 Entertainment.
Textures converted with Photoshop 2018 & Waifux2 for a better quality.

Following textures are edited by me:
-The stage floor texture - I've put my name(Natalia) and my fam name(Rise) on it.
-The textures of the red and blue dress were originally purple.
-Some of the textures used for the animated faces are edited by me.
Face animations made by me.
For opening the 3D Objects I used the RGM script of Daylon.
All the textures are manually added and adjusted to the objects by me.
Used render is Scanline Renderer with "Forced 2-Sided" and "Sun & Sky Enviroment" with custom shadow settings.
Rendered in 3D Studio Max 2018 as a PNG sequence.
Final rendering in Vegas Pro 15
Thumbnail render of this video made by Sam Tisa.
Final thumbnail picture made by me including the render Sam Tisa made for me.

Special thanks to Marcin for sending me the requested RGMs used in this video.

Prizes :
IGN Alas - 40,000 BANA CASH
FAM NAME:Equinox
50x50 FAM MARK:
FAM MARK DESCRIPTION: it's an equinox... because... we're equinox.
CREDITS:i'd love to thank my lovely members patty and celery for making this happen. =knocks forever yo. love u. also thanks to celery for the gfx.

3rd TIE : BB & Tastea
+5,000 FAM POINTS for meeting December 10th Deadline
IGN : Jaq -  30,000 BANA CASH
The greatest thing that a person could find through his journey is a masterpiece called “family”. We live miles apart from one another but we’re binded by love and share the same passion – to dance even if the whole world is watching.
Good luck to all the participants  ;D
Credit to Ignorer, Melpomene & Atropos

Here is the 50x50 resolution of our customized fam mark

IGN : mich123 - 30,000 BANA CASH
FAM: Tastea
IGN: mich123


much, much larger icon:

FAM MARK DESCRIPTION: For the Tastea FAM mark, we created a small teacup with tea spilling out into the letter T. The flow of the tea represents how smooth and easy going our members are with each other. The pastel green that was chosen represents how down to earth each and every member of Tastea is. Credits to Carmie, Tarolin and mich123.

Credits to mich123, Carmie and Tarolin
Credits to Carmie

Credits to Tarolin, Carmie, mich123, Kaey, Rien, Fill, Lotis, and leu123


IGN : Kouro - 20,000 BANA CASH
IGN: Kouro


FAM MARK DESCRIPTION: Eden's FAM mark is our beautiful furry mascot Casper, he is our FAM Leader's little doggo. Casper represents our fam because deep down we're all cunie furries; sometimes we just like to uwu on the dance floor. (see the video below)

FAM MARK CREDIT: Kashi & our beautiful model mascot Casper



Special furry thanks to everyone in the Eden FAM uwu xoxo
P.S. @me to lose in skribblio


IGN : Linden - 20,000 BANA CASH
IGN: Linden
FAM: Riverdale

family portrait

We are serpants. Watch Riverdale.

IGN : Jue
Prizes :
20,000 BANA CASH
FAM: Unique
IGN: Jue
FAM MARK DESCRIPTION: To start it off with our icon:
The first meeting between Jue, Pue and Vue in real life was all about Fristi. Fristi is this pink berry milky beverage that we treasure since it brings us back to those good memories. Even now we associate Fristi as our favourite beverage and always order it whenever we see each other.
Further we live on memes. So a lot of things are pretty unique to other people but inside jokes to us. We wanted to express this unique thing through something that is not orthodox.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: We are all people from around the world. We each have our own characteristics and inside jokes. Vue is this sushi loving white girl. Jue is always bullied and is a poopoo. Zue is called Steve but we call him Sleeve. PhDition uhh, up to your imagination what it is. Seidue’s moustache pics are gold. Pue always loves to give back, hence she’s a gift. Wue is kinda dead, so ye.. Wue is a ghost.
It’s a pretty random drawing when you look at it, but together this is what we are. Individually different, yet we fit together

The next steps :
BANA CASH can only be split amongst the IGNs metioned in the posters credit ONLY.
Please inform how you want to split the BANA CASH with corresponding IGNs by PMing @Badass on the forums ONLY with the account you posted with.

You'll be followed up with a consult for further details via forum if more details are needed.

Thank you for participating in the event and representing your FAM through your content creation!

All submissions are still being evaluated by @Redbana. Winners will be announced soon.

Until then , feel free to continue observing all entries on the forum thread!

Also forums time is currently not displayed correctly, my last post was posted at 12:00 AM 12/24 EST ! All entries before then are eligible for top prizes o^_^o

Good Luck!

Submissions have ended! You guys have such creativity! Thanks so much for entering in your content for all of us to enjoy.
Winners will be announced on 12/24 at NOON EST !
All non-winning submissions turned in before 12/23 at 11:59 PM  EST will get a consolation prize.

Since there wouldn't be a determined limit for consolation prizes for submissions turned in after 12/23 at 11:59 PM EST, all submissions turned in after 12/23 at 11:59 PM EST can only be considered for a mention only! Feel free to turn it in so we can see what you did for your FAM this year. Thanks for your participation o^_^o!

There will be no extended time to turn in submissions. Please turn in what you have ^u^ by 12/23 at 11:59PM EST

Attention Auditioneers,

Redbana has been notified of the frequent disconnections and crashing issues. Please wait for further announcements and developments from Redbana at this time regarding the issue.

Thank you all for your continuous support and patience.

Latest News and Announcements / [December] 50% BONUS Bana Cash! Event
« on: December 15, 2019, 12:53:17 AM »

It's a time to be merry with our ONE DAY 50% BONUS BANACASH event ! 

Players who will purchase Bana Cash on December 15, 2019 EST will receive an Additional 50% worth of Bana Cash per purchase!

- $5 transactions are NOT INCLUDED.
- Bonus Bana Cash is applied per transaction made.
- Event will run starting the event announcement December 15, 2019 (in-game time/EST).
- Bana Cash received will vary from CAD transactions.
Purchase Bana Cash HERE:
BANA CASH Guide :,224.msg2724.html#new
Important notice about 'Gift Bana Cash' :

Technical Support / [IMPORTANT]Gift Bana Cash & Gift Boxes
« on: December 12, 2019, 12:30:23 AM »
Gift Bana Cash notice: . Please do not use this feature  until further notice.

All Perna, Diego and Queen gift boxes are removed in-game  until a renewed version if available

There is an important notice about gifting Bana Cash here :

This feature is currently obsolete until further notice.

After a few requests and vote in the council, due date has been extended to 12/23/19 at 11:59 PM EST. Thanks for your understanding!

In addition, since the extension is on such short notice , FAMs that submit entries early before December 10th 2019 at 11:59 PM EST will be getting a gratitude bonus (that does not associate or deter them from winning prizes) for being on time for the first deadline.

Final resolution size answer : There hasn't been one issued, but a lot of people are doing it within a square canvas, that way if it has to be scaled down , it'll be scaled equally.

If you already finished your set of content, you can look into adding more material (image or video) or creating more entries with your fam members.

Quick reminder that submissions end on December 10th at 11:59 PM EST !

Community Agent Events / Re: [FAM Battle Games! 2019] Event 3 - Mini Games]
« on: December 08, 2019, 12:19:27 AM »
Congrats to all the winners !

Community Agent Events / Re: [Decemeber] Christmas Wishlist !
« on: December 04, 2019, 03:24:22 PM »
~*Badass/Shae's Wishlist *~
1. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel!
2.Recommendations for KDRAMAS . I love standard romcom or action. I've watched a lot of them but maybe there's a few I haven't seen yet.
3.More people to CC8 with
4.Drawing of my avatar (I'll put a screenshot here later)
5.Graphic of my avatar (I'll put a screenshot here later)

Community Agent Events / Re: [Decemeber] Christmas Wishlist !
« on: December 04, 2019, 02:35:40 PM »

Majority are from Discord Server !
IGN / Granted Wishes
Alphard 0/6
Badass - 4/5
Sugarbabe - 0/10
mich123 5/10 [Alphard (1, 2) , Vou (1) , VIDESI (10, 7) , Justunlucky~ (10), Sugarbabe (2) , Lou (5)]
xJakup 0/10
Nait 0/10
JustUnlucky 0/10
JhersonSL16 10/10 [Riah]
Sang 0/10
Humbly 0/10
Cruello 10/10
Charmmy 5/10 [Poo,KhelShadow,Cruello]
leu123 0/10
YuyaYno 0/10
Conduct  0/10
Pmpomene 0/10
Humbly 0/10
Der Richtige 0/10
Chawbie 0/6
Diegu 0/10
Lou 0/10
Vou 0/10
Carmie 0/10
Riah 0/6
Arm 0/2
Kohzi 0/10
callmedaddy 0/10
Atropos 2/2
~Defeated 0/10
Deniz 5/6
Opioids 0/10
Covet 0/10
jaylyn 0/10
Remix 0/10
jcub 0/10
Unicorn Godz 10/10
Marokk 1/10
Ahrisu 4/10
Ghoulie 1/10
Power 0/4
Covey 0/10
Flee 3/10
Umijo  1/10 
Lumiste  1 /10
Kaey 0/4
Trentter 0/3
Xay 2/10
Covey 0/1
jonh789/VIDESI 1/1 [Sugarbabe]
Covet 1/1 [Sugarbabe]
mich123 (2) 0/3
Conduct 2/3
audiboon 6/10
CuriousTrick 1/1
Her 0/1
Terryal  1/3
 アンゲラ 1/1
Nibba 1/3
Up 1/1
M4 1/1
lavender 0/2
CuriousTrick (2) 0/1

Updated the wishlist index! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, has a Happy Holiday & a Happy New Year! You can still fulfill any remaining wishes, but the the discord channel will be deleted on 1/1/20, while the index will stay here ! Save the wishes you want to grant so you don't lose them!  Thanks for participating

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