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Technical Support / Re: Tech Support Board
« on: September 19, 2018, 11:58:28 PM »
I can't see the arrows except in training mode.

I've just downloaded the game, after having quit for years.  My Ram, CPU, graphics card, and network usage, etc are all running at about 10% when I play the game, but the FPS seems to be about 10 max, very jumpy, and I'm unable to see any arrow keys in any mode except for the two new character training ones.  My net speed is 100 mbps, so unless there's something between the server and my pc that's throttling it, I truly don't believe it can be my net speed.
 I'm running windows 10, and here's my pc stats: (I tried to insert the pic but the img tags didn't seem to work)

I can live with the low FPS, but not being able to see the arrows is a game killer.   :'(

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