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Hey Guys and Girls.

I wanted to install Audition to another PC but the Installation cancels soon.
The Game has been on this pc but was removed from PC in past. Now I decided  to re-install and the Setup-Wizard told me I have to proof some special data exists in AppData\Roaming\LocalMachine\Redbana

But there isn't even a folder. (yee i know have to type the whole path. I did but the filegroup "Redbana" doesn't even exist...)

How to solve this problem, so i can reinstall Audition again?

Already tried:
- Start Installation as an Administrator
- Compatibilymode changed from Win 98 up to Win 8.2
- Also tried: A new User for the System.
- RegEdit repaired

Doesn't matter. Setup-Wizard asks me everytime again: "Does this Data exists?"

Some other Questions... could it be possible X-Trap has it's own folder and Install-Proceed?

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