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(Thank you MamaBear for this <3)

Greetings folks, this is CherBear! I would be that questionable lil poser ~ who’s been a part of the Bear Family and this server since 2007. I’ve been ever so fortunate enough and humbled by Redbana back in 2009 to be featured and sticky to showcase my audition online related fan art to this very day! [Thank you Gleem!] Granted this is now a remake & revisit of the thread - time to take out the different kinds of media & tinker around with all of them. This thread is dedicated to all Audition Online related fan art posted, revisiting old works done in the past to newer things done currently. Keep in mind, I won’t be posting everything for one reason or another by my discretion. I also work on other fan art related projects, personal projects, commissions and such. So when in doubt; there’s my deviantART account [**].

( Thank you to PandaPudding : [] )

For additional information, I love working with various kinds of media, from pencil, pens/multi-liners, color pencils & copic markers (omg I has no crayons! But I have oil pastels & water colors…hao2use them again @.@??). As for digital artwork I usually work with SAI and Photoshop.

Why am I doing this? My reasons are this is something I want to do; It’s simply for fun; the love of art; furthering my own skill; challenging myself & many other odd reasons. So this is really more for me if anything. If you want to request anything from me … I’ll try my best but also please read the rules on it because I tend to get very busy ~ [Also: side note – since this is a new forums, I have lost track of all prior requests etc. I’m so sorry!]

Other than formally requesting, I do in-game sketching. So if I run into you in-game & mentioned that I am drawing you…most likely I will be posting you too, it’ll be first on twitter/ig. On occasion, I will be announcing this on the forums before heading on Audition [quite possibly depending].

To see examples, all finished requests, some livestream audition art related sketches & in-game sketching: it has/will be posted on my gallery thread so please check there to see. Also, on occasion, I'll be sharing ( and linking ) some past favorite fan art from the past by old audition redbana players too!

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