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Bug Reports / Battle Party Severely Broken
« on: February 21, 2019, 03:40:42 AM »
A Very good amount of the BP opponents do not work cause they use songs that are no longer on the game. Instead of listing what song is on the game, they just say, "0 BPM All Random Music" and as soon as you start the Battle Party, it crashed the game for everyone.
This is everyone that reads off Random Music in regular Battle Party:
Hoonelly, Sara Steppenice, Sally Strut, Ferris Fuego, Gei Note, May BoomBloom, Isis Fox, Honey Slider, Ludy Loosefoot, Rose Groovewell, The Wolf, Francis Fairy, Alice, Sam Sting, Billy Backstep, Clarissa Clubber, Xeres Infinite, Ilene Steamjean, Steve Slacker, Johnny Suave, Bonita Sonata, Reica Nize, Richard Royal, Felicia Force, Stephen Stepright, Owen Popluck, Adam Bomb, Melissa Maul, Travis Trounce, Amanda Amor, Karen Kutoff, Harriet Frolic, Jake Highstep, Greg Goggle, Proud Paul, Prince Vibe, and Cara Cop
In Beat Rush Battle Party:
Jenny & Gina, Muriel & Bradley, Chase & Chellos, Russ & Judas, Harvey & Suzie, Hector & Hugo, Holly & Skye, En & Hera, Juanita & Wanda, Naomi & Pearl, Vicky & Nicky, Valentino & Valentina, DJ Pow & Linda, Jackie & Isabella, Meow & Rowrr, Ernie & Amber, Yunnie & Yuran, Arria & Arian, Hollie & Hallie, Caden & Brody, Kylie & Drew, Teo & Tobie, Parker & Parry, Shirou & Ryu, Prema & Presta, Cherie & Blaine, Belle & Briana, Misty & Molly, and Cyrus & Carey
In Union Battle Party:
Aberon, Sherbert, Brown, Cherokee, Aladdin, Jurassic, Sea Bee, Moscow, Shadow, Kiros, Shy People, Shadow Ninja, Battle Crew, Shh, Genome, Orange Machine, Racers, French Pet, Ladies, Blue Puppy, Hair Crew, Retro Crew, No Way Crew, Ivory Crew, Bonus Crew, White Squad, Pirate Squad, Piyo Squad, Black Hawk Squad, Combo Squad,
This is honestly sad that how long this has been going on that you guys remove the songs and can't think to just replace the songs in the battle parties for the characters, Cause when people will do a team BP and the third person has a song that is no longer in the game and it just crashes it for everyone, they all just lost their beats without being able to even try.

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