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Guides and Tutorials / In-Game Commands
« on: September 10, 2018, 02:33:52 PM »
F2 - Toggles camera movements while playing
F3 - Toggles character sparkles while playing, excluding sparkles that come with clothes
F10 - Opens mission book or mission in game
F12 - Opens mode help in room

" - Whisper back to the previous received whisper
/to IGN - Sends whisper to IGN entered
/w IGN - Sends whisper to IGN entered
/f - Talk in FAM chat

Ctrl + ` - Tab to shout chat
Ctrl + 1 - Tab to All chat
Ctrl + 2 - Tab to Couples chat (requires Premium Messenger)
Ctrl + 3 - Tab to Standard chat (requires Premium Messenger)
Ctrl + 4 - Tab to FAM chat (requires Premium Messenger)
Ctrl + 5 - Tab to Whisper chat (requires Premium Messenger)

Ctrl + Alt + F  - Toggles your fps, shown at the top left
Ctrl + W - Opens closet in room
Ctrl + S - Opens sound and background settings
Ctrl + F - Opens song search in room
Ctrl + E - Opens emoticons

Shift + Left click on mall item - Hyperlinks the item in chat (you can also do this with saved setups to show the whole outfit)

Alt + 1(Alt +2, Alt + 3, etc.) - Quickly changes into the setup number you've saved accordingly if you have all the clothes while in room (can only change into the first 10 setups saved)

/time - Shows in-game time and date

/result -  Shows your current stats while playing: combo/perfect/great/cool/bad/miss

/all player result - Shows current stats of all players in the room while playing

/my info -  Shows current level, IGN, server, channel, room number (if you're in one otherwise Dance Hall, Audition Studio, etc.)

/who IGN -  Shows currently level, server, channel of IGN entered if they're online, even if they're appearing offline (requires Premium Messenger)

/couple info - Shows your couple's level, IGN, server, channel if they're online, even if they're appearing offline (requires Premium Messenger)

/record -  Shows number of games played, EXP earned, BEATS earned at time of log in. (I guess also length of play time but it looks buggy at the moment)

/bank info -  Shows your current BEATS, and cash

/general ranking -  Shows your ranking

/couple ranking -  Shows your couple ranking

/story ranking - Shows your story ranking

/contest ranking -  Shows your Expert Tournament ranking

/beat rush ranking - Shows your Beat Rush Tournament Ranking

/beat up ranking - Shows your Beat Up Tournament Ranking

Alt + F4 - Rage quit

Did i miss any? =^.^=

Bug Reports / Hourly Garden?
« on: August 28, 2018, 05:12:28 AM »
Is hourly gardening something that will get fixed or no? i just wanna know, thank you =^.^=

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