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Guides and Tutorials / Uncapping Fps on AMD Gpus on Windows 10
« on: October 12, 2018, 06:44:40 AM »
Hello I recently found a Way to uncap Fps for Windows 10 AMD Gpu Users without the third party program ATI Tray Tools.
All you need is your, nowadays called Radeon Settings for most latest AMD Gpus

First you need to open up Radeon Settings, click on the Game Tab and if Audition doesn't show, click on Add, then Browse for the Audition.exe

If you can't find the Audition.exe, the fastest way is to rightclick on your Patcher, click on Properties, then another window should pop up  with 6 tabs, called Security, Details, Previous Versions, General, Shortcut and Compability, You need to click on the Shortcut tab.
The Blue Highlighted text is the Folder Directory, if you want to get to that folder fast, just click on Open File Location

Now Lastly after having added Audition.exe to the Radeon Settings Gaming tab, all you want to do is click on the Audition profile and change the 'Wait for Vertical Refresh' to Enhanced Sync instead of Always Off that somehow uncaps the Fps for Windows 10 AMD GPU users, hopefully this helped anyone of you out there

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