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Redbana - General Discussion / [Forum Suggestion] Please add spoilers
« on: September 09, 2018, 07:11:39 AM »
Hey there!

We need the spoilers back, otherwise Posts will be a pain in the ass to scroll all the way down.

Player-Hosted Events / Beat-Up Records Archive
« on: September 08, 2018, 05:25:51 PM »

Banner by VioletSkye (me)

~ Since 2010 ~
The Original "Scoreboard"

>> Reposting this from old Forums so we finally have a place to post our scores in again. <<

Hello my BeatUp friends.
The old BUC-Admin called Nemesis - after his long-as.s career playing this mode and holding the buc - retired and handed the scepter to me.
I either had the choice to never be able to update the rules or anything in the thread itself (as he wanted to close the thread anyway since he didnt want to be bothered with it anymore -> its not like he doesnt care, he just mostly retired and we should respect that.) or create a new thread where bu lovers can post their scores as always and they will appear on the same scoreboard as its always been!

Furthermore, Id like to call out every player whos been liking beat up but always been too shy to post their scores to do it now! we will always be happy to see new people incoming.
everyone starts from the bottom, as i did myself
For the curious ones

If someones gonna seriously harrass anyone who posts their scores, they will have to feel the consequences such as getting banned from the BUC.
But its not like you're not allowed to be challenging to each other and tease everyone a bit  ;D

I didn't only copy+paste Wade's rules, I added some new ones so please read all of them even if you know them already.


1. Post screenshots or videos showing your total Greats on beatup songs found in the BUC Spreadsheet

2. All screenshots must pass fotoforensics testing to ensure they're in their original format and not edited in any way.

3. Only screenshots taken from Redbana, PVS and Galaxy servers are allowed.

4. You're not allowed to post Redbana Scores played on PVS (since it uncaps fps to 1.000 and that would be pretty unfair for those who dont have PVS.)

5. All screenshots must show frames per second (press ctrl-f while in game at any time to show this)
-> If you forget to do so, it won't kill you, it'll just put more attention to your scores and if anything seems suspicious, I'm allowed to ask for video proof or to not register your score on the scoreboard.

6. Additional video proof of some sort may be requested on any scores that are deemed suspicious by the bu community.

7. Players are strongly encouraged to use spoiler tags when posting their junk. [ spoiler ] [ img ] LINK [ / img ] [ / spoiler ] -> without the spaces.

8. Cools and Bads count as 2 greats each, Misses count as 3 greats.

9. Double (delete) chancing is not allowed.

10. For ranking colors on Redbana, first place scores are recorded in Red, second place scores are recorded in Blue, third place scores are recorded in Green, fourth place scores are recorded in Yellow, and all other scores are Grey.

11. This thread will be more strictly moderated than past BUC threads. Mods and GM's are encouraged to delete any posts deemed as frivolous and/or unrelated to BU. Commenting on posts is fine.

12. Player rankings (from top to bottom) go in order of the skill as well as activity of their postings and the motivation.

13. New rule in effect as of May 24, 2015: For the sake of competition, any current BUC scores or new scores posted in this thread will stay on the ranks forever and not be deleted unless they are found to be fake.

14. As of 2014, all BU Masters scores are automatically posted in the BUC thread as well.

15. New BUC scores may be posted in this thread on anyone else's behalf as long as that person is already listed on the ranks. All new players must make an initial post for themselves in order to be listed (with the exception of BU Masters scores obtained after 2013).

16. Playing on your alt account is allowed as long as its known that this is your alt. Playing on multiple accounts where it's not possible to follow through anymore, could lead to not accepting the scores.


Q. Why does ___ song not have any ___ color score on it?

A. Because some songs have tied scores. For example if there are 2 people with 0 greats and 1 person with 1 great on a song, you would see 2 reds for first place and a green for third place, with no blue score on that particular song.

List of banned players:


Thanks in advance for everyone's continued co-operation in following the rules.

If you have any questions/concerns around BUC you can always whisper me ingame or message me on here.

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