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Back then when they aquired the rights for Audition from Nexon, I had the impression that RedBana was going to become another proper Online Game hoster, expanding their portfolio of online games to play with Audition being their first game.

It's horrible to see what has become of RedBana / Audition now compared to how it was for the first year after RedBana went online.
Staff back then used to do a lot and have interaction with the community. Solving issues and whatnot. (I currently can't even play because of X-Trap)
Why didn't they ever take off and offer more games?

Technical Support / X-Trap blocking "MUNT" mt32emu.dll
« on: September 06, 2018, 04:23:23 PM »

X-Trap is detecting MUNT, a Roland MT-32 midi device emulator, everytime I start the game and then closes it down.


Can you please update it to make an exception?
I use MUNT to play old DOS games with the Roland MT-32 music setting, as it grants a really nice music output on some of my games.

I had it temporarily uninstalled in order to play Audition again, but I don't want to keep reinstalling it everytime I want to play some of my DOS games.
As it is a midi device, it cannot be turned off, so the only way to play Audition and avoid X-Trap closing it down is to uninstall it everytime I want to play.

MUNT can be found here:

Video example:

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