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Redbana - General Discussion / [01/30/2019] Disconnection Issue
« on: February 04, 2020, 03:35:43 AM »
[01/30/2019] Disconnection Issue

Hello Auditioneers~!

Everyone who is affected by the Disconnection Issue or has a weird Xtrap Error Message should download the Bugfix given here.

Please locate your Audition Folder as example:
C:\Programm Files(x86)\Audition Online
C:\Programm Files\Steam\common\Audition Online\ and insert there the Bugfix.

Also unzip this in your Audition Folder:

Thank you for your patience and continuous support. :)
If you have any questions don't mind to ask under ask-redbana in Discord:

*P.S We are aware of the not properly closing the game.
*PPS Don't forget to start the patcher as administrator.

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