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Audition Official Events / My life is like 10x funnier with Sophia
« on: August 29, 2018, 02:50:38 AM »
IGN = Waddle
couple forum profile:;area=summary;u=91

Oh where to begin with this trainwreck.  ::)
Meeting Sophia was a real fun decision that i will not soon, if not ever regret.
We love to karaoke the latest song "Hills" together and chilling with her in discord is always fun no matter what we do.
Whether it's competing in different game modes on Audi, watching something together or even playing other games there is never a dull moment and every minute has so much laughter it'll hurt your cheekbones. ;D
Especially, those drawings of windmills and Robin Hood had me weak.
Being with her brings so much humor and joy that it's hard to contain myself and i have to express it somehow.

Here are some drawings that are inspired by our moments together.
Our LP's:
A gardening incident:

It's been a great month coupled to her and hoping for many more to come!  :)

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