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Title: [August 2021] We have a New Set of Avatars this Month!
Post by: administrator on August 25, 2021, 08:41:48 AM

Good Day Auditioneers!

We have a New Avatars for you guys today!

Here are the list of the New Avatars:
- Idol Youth Hairstyle
- Idol Youth Rompers
- Idol Youth Flats
- Pagod Office Casual Hair
- Pagod Office Casual Blouse
- Pagod Office Casual Skirt
- Pagod Office Casual Sandals
- Sprite and Denim Hair
- Sprite and Denim Sleeves
- Sprite and Denim Shorts
- Sprite and Denim Sneaker
- JYN Sprite and Denim Hair
- JYN Sprite and Denim Sleeves
- JYN Sprite and Denim Shorts
- JYN Sprite and Denim Sneaker
- Rose Mosaic Trendy Hair
- Rose Mosaic Trendy Jacket
- Rose Mosaic Trendy Skirt
- Rose Mosaic Trendy Shoes
- Tinola White Passion Hair
- Tinola White Passion Coat
- Tinola White Passion Pants
- Tinola White Passion Sneaks
- Inner Rhythm Hat
- Inner Rhythm Polo
- Inner Rhythm Baggy Pants
- Inner Rhythm Black Shoes
- Mysterious Violet Jean Hair
- Mysterious Violet Jacket
- Mysterious Violet Skirt
- Mysterious Violet Elevator Shoes
- Red Strawberry Couple Hair
- Red Strawberry Couple Midrib
- Red Strawberry Couple Short
- Red Strawberry Couple Sneaks
- Eurybia Broad Hairstyle
- Eurybia Broad Shirt
- Eurybia Broad Skirt
- Eurybia Broad Shoes
- Mysterious Violet Wave Hair
- Mysterious Violet Jean Jacket
- Mysterious Violet Jeans
- Mysterious Violet Shoes
- Oikawa laid-back Hairstyle
- Oikawa laid-back Longsleeve
- Oikawa laid-back Pants
- Oikawa laid-back Sneakers
- Pure Sky Wind Hairstyle
- Pure Sky Wind Polo
- Pure Sky Wind Pants
- Pure Sky Wind Shoes
- Autumn Celeb Style Hair
- Autumn Celeb Style Dress
- Autumn Celeb Style Rollerblades
- Color Mosaic Couple Hairstyle
- Color Mosaic Couple Jacket
- Color Mosaic Couple Short
- Color Mosaic Couple Sneakers
- Kageyama Casual Hairstyle
- Kageyama Casual Sweatshirt
- Kageyama Casual Jeans
- Kageyama Casual Boots
- Color Mosaic Couple Hair
- Color Mosaic Couple Shirt
- Color Mosaic Couple Shorts
- Color Mosaic Couple Sneaks
- Luxury Audition Wallet
- Autumn Fashion Star Street Beret
- Autumn Fashion Star Street Blouse
- Autumn Fashion Star Street Pants
- Autumn Fashion Star Street Sandals
- Audition Goddess Luxury Hair
- Audition Goddess Luxury Style
- Audition Goddess Luxury Heels
- Twinkle Cutie Braid
- Twinkle Cutie Blouse
- Twinkle Cutie Skirt
- Twinkle Cutie Shoes
- Cloud Pattern Hip-Hop Hair
- Cloud Pattern Hip-Hop Style
- Cloud Pattern Hip-Hop Pants
- Cloud Pattern Hip-Hop Boots
- Purple fashion Star Hair
- Purple fashion Star Dancer
- Purple fashion Star Pants
- Purple fashion Star Shoes

Black Label Items:
- Smile-with-luck HaHa Face
- Purply Eyes
- Adorable Pastel Outfit
- Feel-Like-Studying Sneakers
- Neat Date Hair
- Normal Dandy Hairstyle
- Nao Fashion School Uniform
- Uehara Fashion School Uniform
- Luxury School Black Bag
- Luxury School Pink Bag

Get you friends to check out this New Avatars! Happy Gaming Everyone!

Best Regards,