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Title: How to take and view screenshots using Steam client
Post by: Badass on February 12, 2020, 04:47:14 AM
Take and View Screenshots using Steam Client

Taking Screenshots using Steam Client
In the original patcher/client, we normally use 'F12' command to save screenshots. On Steam when taking a screenshot , you'll get a notification or sound indicating you've taken a screenshot. If inputting 'F12' does not save your Audition screenshots on the  Steam Client, you can try to set your screenshot command to a different key.

Change Screenshot Key

Go to Steam Patcher > Settings >

In the settings window :
In-Game > On the right hand side, Tap on 'Screenshot Command' and input your desired key.

In the following example, I put 'F11' as my command key.

Changing Location for Screenshots Folder
Your screenshots taken on the Steam client should then be added in the appropriate place. If not, you can change the location in which the screenshots are saved by tapping 'Screenshot Folder' and reselecting the location.

Screenshot Uploader
In Steam's Screenshot Uploader, you can view and/or publish your screenshots to the public album.

To launch Screenshot Uploader and view your screenshots taken using the Steam client:
View > Screenshots

If you want to upload your screenshots for public viewing, tap 'Upload'

To access your screenshots or locate your screenshot folder (similar to the SCREENSHOT folder with original patcher), tap 'Show on Disk'.