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Title: why your server is failing
Post by: Truth on October 08, 2018, 08:01:30 PM
Im posting this here bc its useless messaging support.

I logged onto and closed my game right away. Why? Because I saw this. Am I surprised? No. We all saw this coming and we know they aren't going to reset the levels and make everyone start over again. You, RB only have 1 update per month. 30 days . 4 weeks. While the songs aren't god awful as they used to be people are not going to stay entertained with the same 5 songs. Your prices. Not only have the items gotten more expensive for no god damn reason but your events are nothing but a money grab. Do you really think anyone on this server is going to charge 200,000 USD that could buy them something sufficient for a permanent item and some gacha tickets that don't even give them a permanent item right away? Are you not caught up with what other servers are doing? They price their items fairly if they aren't giving them away for $5... It's funny bc after this post they will still manage to do these stupid things and never add mascot shop IN THE GAME and many other things that have been ignored after being talked about countless times. You did the most damage with the forums too bc people have had their accounts for years and now I doubt there's even 10 people that log on. It's come to the conclusion that your game will close so you might as well start giving our indefinite items for free and make the cash , exp , heart and fam points ratio x100 more than what it is now, price gacha tickets at 1 bc and add content every 2 weeks like a normal server does and then we can talk about logging online for at least 30 minutes.

Title: Re: why your server is failing
Post by: Yamada on November 12, 2018, 04:10:00 PM
They really don't care, if they did this game would have been gotten major updates outside of them adding songs and gacha items. They also pointlessly purged everyones accounts on the forums for a new one.  The player base has been steadily declining because this is a skeleton of a game. I'm not surprised to see they don't even peak at 100 players anymore. I just come  here to check if they have announced they are shutting down yet.
Title: Re: why your server is failing
Post by: Alei on November 14, 2018, 11:37:56 AM
I log on every few days, nothing is going to ever change.

I'm waiting for it to die.

Honestly, EXP levels are too damn high, I've been Level 71 for over three years. Been playing the past 6months and only got 30% more exp it's silly.

I've lost all interest with level, and with couple garden as levelling up my ring is also as hard when I don't have 12hours a day to dedicate to garden.