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Fan Creations and Blogs / Re: Audition Emoticon Gallery
« Last post by mich123 on September 14, 2018, 01:02:24 AM »
is still listed with the peaches, just to let you know
Audition Official Events / Re: [August] Couple Appreciation Thread
« Last post by mich123 on September 14, 2018, 01:00:33 AM »
ign: mich123
cpl: ChokeChain -;u=41

Hi Leu ♡

When I first met you, I was on late at night with CherBear when you joined the room. I knew you were friends with someone I knew in the BU community, so I wanted to try talking to you. We didn't talk for long, but I thought that you were really friendly and kinda funny. I remember telling a friend about how I met you and how I thought it'd be nice to talk to you and be friends, even though we didn't add each other on audi that night.

I'm not sure when the next time we talked to each other was, but I feel like it was weeks later. We didn't talk for long again because you were busy, but we exchanged contact information so we could speak to each other off of audi, which I almost never do with anyone I barely know. When you were more free later that day, we got to know a bit more about each other and it made me so happy. I'm not sure if you meant to flirt with me or not because you left me wondering if I was imagining it and you were just being kind, or if you were actually flirting and I was just being oblivious. I didn't want to say anything about it though because at this point I still barely knew anything about you. The one thing I knew after this day was that I wanted to keep talking to you and become better friends with you.

The week after this, it was difficult trying to speak with you. You knew that I don't use facebook and I noticed that you didn't really use skype. You have no clue how it slowly drove me insane. I whispered your best friend, who I never really spoke to before outside of BU tourney, wanting to ask him about you right away. I didn't want to seem weird though so I asked him about BU instead. Eventually, he mentioned you and we talked about you briefly, and my heart kind of... exploded a little bit. I remember thinking, "I hope he can't tell how much I like you."

A few days later, the three of us were playing CC8 and I was having fun talking (and slowly suffering playing CC8). Eventually, you two mentioned that you wanted to couple me. I thought it was flattering, but at the same time, I didn't want to break my two year ring with my friend (who’s been inactive for a while before I met you). I tried to dodge breaking my ring and coupling you, and the first time I think I succeeded - but you two were so determined for us to couple and kept asking me LOL. I ended up giving into you two, and reluctantly broke my ring. I'm not sure if anyone else has felt this way, but breaking a long time ring broke my heart for a while. I wondered if I made the right decision to couple break and if it was actually worth it because I was having doubts immediately. I kept telling myself that you would be worth it because I had this gut feeling that you were, but... I wasn't completely sure.

I coupled your alt and we've talked every single day since then. All my doubts about coupling you faded away by the time we married. Between coupling and getting married I kept wondering if I just liked you a lot or if I was starting to love you. I'm not exactly sure when my like for you turned into love, but I remember thinking, "I don't want to say anything about how I feel about you because I want to be 100% sure of my feelings." I remember the night before we were supposed to do our wedding, I couldn't stand wondering anymore and wanted to be sure of your feelings for me, so I could sort out my own, but you misunderstood me and thought that I didn't like you at all. I figured out right away that you misunderstood me but I couldn't bring myself to say how I felt that night. I'm sorry that I couldn't explain what I was feeling, that I made you think I didn’t like you and for making you sad. We both ended up going to sleep upset and I felt heartbroken, but that's when I knew. I didn't want to give up on us, our friendship and future love. It took some time the next day, but we eventually sorted everything out and got married that night.

Fast forward to a few days later, we were together with a friend of mine in a locked room. One of your friends joins us and immediately asks if we're dating. You say that we are and I don't comment until after they leave LOL. I told you, "I didn't know we were dating." Then... after going back and forth between you asking to date me, and me dodging, I give into you again and we officially become a couple, and I'm incredibly thankful.

I look forward to talking with you every day because despite the four hour time difference between us and going back to school, we still manage to make time for each other. I fell in love with you so quickly and every moment together makes me happy. You've become my comfort and always manage to make me laugh. You've always been very supportive of me and I want to be the exact same way for you. No matter what happens, I will always be by your side, I will always love you and I will be very good to you (140 bpm).

Happy two months my nerdy, fatty love! I love you so much Please call me soon!
Audition Official Events / Re: [August] Couple Appreciation Thread
« Last post by veronica on September 13, 2018, 11:52:41 PM »
Dear Hubby,

Remember when we actually met so many years ago? Ya me neither. Thankfully some how we met again in June and a friendship quickly formed. It's so crazy how easy it was to become friends since we seem to be both very selective on who comes into our lives; now we laugh at the silliest things and crack jokes on literally anything even if we're the only ones laughing. MEOW~. I like to think that we understand each other well and agree on a lot of things, except for Audition outfits... we really clash heads on that LOL. We somehow worked through it cause clearly we're hella cute >.<! (Cute enough for you to draw us, a picture is worth a thousand words so thank you for the drawing hehe xo)

Thank you for bringing enjoyment to this game again, i always look forward to playing 9k, being furries during FAM battles, or dancing the night away until someone chains a x10 or x15 or even x20 with our friends before any of us can get off. Thank you for being such an equal when it comes to shows and movies, we can spend hours till the sun rises binge watching the heck out of anything. Simply thank you for truly accepting me for who i am, giving me the benefit of the doubt and getting to know me as a person. You make my days n' nights more enjoyable and memorable on and off of Audition. Thank you for a friendship that i hope can last 4 life, since we've become the bestest furries 4 lyfe. A final thank you for also being my hubby and i look forward to our furry future together >.<! Miss you on the forehead as always, muahs!  :*

Hubby xo.

      ( \ _______ / )
        (  = ^ . ^ =  )   nyaa ~
    C (   " ) ___ (   " )

IGN: Joc
Couple's forum account:;u=31
Player-Hosted Events / Re: [FAM] Seasonal Ranking 🏆 - Year Round Schedule & Rewards
« Last post by Evo on September 13, 2018, 09:11:10 PM »
cool  8)
Off-Beat Café / Re: Last Post Wins!
« Last post by Evo on September 13, 2018, 09:10:03 PM »
Fan Creations and Blogs / Re: Audition Emoticon Gallery
« Last post by Badass on September 13, 2018, 07:22:06 PM »
*Added the rest of Bomi set and updated the ZIP

Audition Official Events / Re: [August] Couple Appreciation Thread
« Last post by Horcrux on September 13, 2018, 02:16:40 PM »
                                                "The gift of spreading discord and enmity is very great, so we will be strong as long
                                                 as we are united and fragile as we have doubts, therefore, we must fight showing an equally strong
                                                bond of friendship and trust.''

                                                After all this time? A L W A Y S

IGN: Horcrux

Couple's Forum Account name & IGN = Cruciatus;area=summary;u=174
Off-Beat Café / Re: The Humor Thread
« Last post by mich123 on September 13, 2018, 01:15:10 PM »
Bakers trade bread recipes on a knead-to-know basis.

A moon rock tastes better than an earth rock because it's meteor.

I used to be addicted to soap, but I'm clean now.

What did the mermaid wear to her math class? An algae bra.

Why can't your nose be 12 inches long? Because then it would be a foot.

ign: mich123
Fan Creations and Blogs / Re: Audition Emoticon Gallery
« Last post by Badass on September 13, 2018, 12:58:32 PM »
Thank you so much Shae, this is great! Although I noticed that there are a few of the speech bubble emotes listed with the peaches and the and emotes aren't being shown properly in your post.
No problem :) ! I saw it, I think it should be fine now. Thanks for telling me :D .
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