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Audition Official Events / Re: [August] Couple Appreciation Thread
« on: September 15, 2018, 05:14:50 AM »
Congratulations to following Auditioneers! You win 2000 heart points (per couple)~


I've read everything (Brazen endured reading too much sweet stuff) and we realized you cherish your couples so much! So we're giving each non-winning participating couple, 500 hearts~

Kindly wait as we process your prizes~ Thanks to everyone who participated~!

omgomgogmomg WAHOO THANK YOU

Audition Official Events / Re: [August] Couple Appreciation Thread
« on: September 13, 2018, 11:52:41 PM »
Dear Hubby,

Remember when we actually met so many years ago? Ya me neither. Thankfully some how we met again in June and a friendship quickly formed. It's so crazy how easy it was to become friends since we seem to be both very selective on who comes into our lives; now we laugh at the silliest things and crack jokes on literally anything even if we're the only ones laughing. MEOW~. I like to think that we understand each other well and agree on a lot of things, except for Audition outfits... we really clash heads on that LOL. We somehow worked through it cause clearly we're hella cute >.<! (Cute enough for you to draw us, a picture is worth a thousand words so thank you for the drawing hehe xo)

Thank you for bringing enjoyment to this game again, i always look forward to playing 9k, being furries during FAM battles, or dancing the night away until someone chains a x10 or x15 or even x20 with our friends before any of us can get off. Thank you for being such an equal when it comes to shows and movies, we can spend hours till the sun rises binge watching the heck out of anything. Simply thank you for truly accepting me for who i am, giving me the benefit of the doubt and getting to know me as a person. You make my days n' nights more enjoyable and memorable on and off of Audition. Thank you for a friendship that i hope can last 4 life, since we've become the bestest furries 4 lyfe. A final thank you for also being my hubby and i look forward to our furry future together >.<! Miss you on the forehead as always, muahs!  :*

Hubby xo.

      ( \ _______ / )
        (  = ^ . ^ =  )   nyaa ~
    C (   " ) ___ (   " )

IGN: Joc
Couple's forum account:;u=31

Guides and Tutorials / Re: In-Game Commands
« on: September 12, 2018, 04:41:13 AM »
Shift + Left click on mall item - Hyperlinks the item in chat
Oh trueee

I believe /w works too for last person whispered.
Tested and it works the same as /to

Guides and Tutorials / In-Game Commands
« on: September 10, 2018, 02:33:52 PM »
F2 - Toggles camera movements while playing
F3 - Toggles character sparkles while playing, excluding sparkles that come with clothes
F10 - Opens mission book or mission in game
F12 - Opens mode help in room

" - Whisper back to the previous received whisper
/to IGN - Sends whisper to IGN entered
/w IGN - Sends whisper to IGN entered
/f - Talk in FAM chat

Ctrl + ` - Tab to shout chat
Ctrl + 1 - Tab to All chat
Ctrl + 2 - Tab to Couples chat (requires Premium Messenger)
Ctrl + 3 - Tab to Standard chat (requires Premium Messenger)
Ctrl + 4 - Tab to FAM chat (requires Premium Messenger)
Ctrl + 5 - Tab to Whisper chat (requires Premium Messenger)

Ctrl + Alt + F  - Toggles your fps, shown at the top left
Ctrl + W - Opens closet in room
Ctrl + S - Opens sound and background settings
Ctrl + F - Opens song search in room
Ctrl + E - Opens emoticons

Shift + Left click on mall item - Hyperlinks the item in chat (you can also do this with saved setups to show the whole outfit)

Alt + 1(Alt +2, Alt + 3, etc.) - Quickly changes into the setup number you've saved accordingly if you have all the clothes while in room (can only change into the first 10 setups saved)

/time - Shows in-game time and date

/result -  Shows your current stats while playing: combo/perfect/great/cool/bad/miss

/all player result - Shows current stats of all players in the room while playing

/my info -  Shows current level, IGN, server, channel, room number (if you're in one otherwise Dance Hall, Audition Studio, etc.)

/who IGN -  Shows currently level, server, channel of IGN entered if they're online, even if they're appearing offline (requires Premium Messenger)

/couple info - Shows your couple's level, IGN, server, channel if they're online, even if they're appearing offline (requires Premium Messenger)

/record -  Shows number of games played, EXP earned, BEATS earned at time of log in. (I guess also length of play time but it looks buggy at the moment)

/bank info -  Shows your current BEATS, and cash

/general ranking -  Shows your ranking

/couple ranking -  Shows your couple ranking

/story ranking - Shows your story ranking

/contest ranking -  Shows your Expert Tournament ranking

/beat rush ranking - Shows your Beat Rush Tournament Ranking

/beat up ranking - Shows your Beat Up Tournament Ranking

Alt + F4 - Rage quit

Did i miss any? =^.^=

Technical Support / Re: Tech Support Board
« on: September 10, 2018, 01:05:17 PM »
I just recently downloaded this game, I have played this game from waaay back then, and i noticed that some options are missing, eg; locking camera movement while playing.
However the main reason I am here is to ask whether there is a way to uncap the fps or not, I have scoured the internet there seems to be some solutions but none has solved mine.
My pc has GTX 1070 and i have fiddled with some options in the control panel but the fps remains locked at 60 and the animation is very laggy despite the game itself running smoothly.
Any solve?

F2 is to toggle camera angles including locking it. F3 to remove sparkles in-game, some say it helps with spikes. If you play in window mode it will cap it at 60 fps. Although i think there is still a way to uncap it, good luck =^.^=!

Bug Reports / Re: Fam Office
« on: September 10, 2018, 12:54:12 PM »
Oh my goodness gracious you guys are actually too immature and underdeveloped to even think outside of your arrogance. First of all you're always getting banned because it's basic in-game rules and regulations. You get permanently banned for exploiting game flaws and bugs on a first offense, ip ban when you hack on your third offense, how many times have you done it now? Yet you still go out of your own way, put in endless time of your day to find a way to continue to do what you do. If you really wanted to help the server you would just report it and give the fix. Why does a company need to make time to reach out to you to get a fix? You want a cookie medal or something? Your intentions are flawed again, you just want to prove you're not as stupid as you look with a medal saying good work.

Literally no one wants this stupid childish drama. If you're gonna start calling people retarded and autistic, don't cry if people come after you personally. If you can't understand why people are insulting jakup you're seriously down at his level of comprehension. There's no reason to further explain the side of a Redbana Audition Dance Battle Online dancer when most of it have been said yet still failed to be understood. Simply putting it, you're just annoying.

Sorry you guys can't enjoy the game anymore like a few people left on Redbana Audition Dance Battle Online. I hope you all find your inner peace and can finally stop being so miserable with your lives full of hate. We'll continue to dance it out on the dance floor with or without FAM chat. meow~ 

Bug Reports / Re: Fam Office
« on: September 08, 2018, 08:01:01 PM »

By the way, if you think this server was not broken before Jakup came to mess with it, you're actually retarded, Song Glitching, Story Glitching, FPS Glitching, Dressing Room Glitching, Clothes Glitching, Beats Glitching, Couple Glitching, and you can even Glitch people's username if they are in the same lobby as you... all of that without resorting to use of hacking.

Not that I defend what Jakup is doing, but... since you guys really don't want to hear the community about stopping EXP, Multiclient and Perfect Hackers, obviously more than one of them is going to get pissed and take action, like many times over the past of this game.

By the way, to that bitch saying nya and stupid crap like that, you're either really autistic or actually five years old, your whole existence is the definition of the word cringe.

Purrs at your poor soul you lost child. We're talking about the FAM office being down here. It's really annoying when you can't FAM chat when you ACTUALLY have friends to talk to IN-GAME, especially during FAM battles. So cool you can state the obvious that Redbana Audition Dance Battle Online is outdated since it even opened; and will continue to be till the end of time. You can do whatever glitches you mentioned without disrupting the game experience of other people, whereas this silly FAM server crashes does in real-time. Most of those glitches is to benefit oneself, what does he get from crashing FAM servers on the daily? The satisfaction of people getting annoyed and developing disabilities from his retardation? Meow along, like you said you don't play anymore so clearly you have no idea what's going on =^.^=!

Bug Reports / Re: Fam Office
« on: September 08, 2018, 11:13:47 AM »
Are u trying to be Funny.
I am Happy in my life

I think i am VERY funny >.<! You just seem salty, sad, and angry to me. All this is you being petty for what ever reason you have towards this server and the community. If you're really happy in your life you'd want the same for other people.
   ( \ ___ / )
     (=^.^=) nya ~
  C ( ")_(" )

Off-Beat Café / Re: Last Post Wins!
« on: September 08, 2018, 10:23:57 AM »
This colour reminds me of discord hehe =^.^=

Bug Reports / Re: Fam Office
« on: September 08, 2018, 10:22:22 AM »
Haters gonna hate.

Yeah it kinda sucks to hate your life huh? meow =^.^=

Bug Reports / Re: Fam Office
« on: September 08, 2018, 10:10:00 AM »
You are dumb asf anyways.

So basically if someone does a sql injection, you guys are all crying because redbana is not secured right.
This is the same. We have so many dc methods to crash this game and you think really t3 gives them a special update bcs it works in all audition?
Fam deletion hack, cpl garden crash, buddy garden crash, whole server crash
Doesnt need a fix right?
So if you are happy playing a buggy server then go for it.
You are literally the one who would pay up 1k dollars for in-game cash.
Get on my skill level before you talk with me.

get a life ~meow~
Everyone knows Redbana Audition Dance Battle Online isn't the best game in the world. People play it for their friends not because it's so advance in mechanics, but i'll assume you know nothing about having friends. Of course people will cry about it because it's such an inconvenience that doesn't happen unless you're on your menstrual cycle. People still play it even when you are crashing and lagging the servers soooooo yes, me and as well as other people are still happy. Are you? nya~

Bug Reports / Re: Fam Office
« on: September 08, 2018, 01:20:26 AM »
I registred myself to this Forum to do a quick statement about the Fam and Bulletin Board disconnection issue.
I am just someone who uses his hobby to find exploits/bugs in Games or websites.
Other people are getting paid for that what i do.
If you want to know how i do that or how to fix this you can send me a private message.
Im doing that so often till Redbana will fix it.
And whoever talks guacamole about me you are retarded.
You are just dumb asf and dont know how to do tech stuff.
You only know how to turn on your computer and turn it back off.


There's literally no problem with anything on the game unless you're messing with it. Just cause you type a few lines and crash a few things doesn't necessarily means it needs fixing. The regular demographic of Audition isn't going to type a few lines to crash functions in the game for fun. Since you've been messing with it for a few days now i think they know there's a problem already and hopefully will fix it in the future. Your intent is so flawed and isn't very helpful, seems like you're just seeking attention. Well congrats to that. nya~ =^.^=

Off-Beat Café / Re: Last Post Wins!
« on: September 03, 2018, 05:34:47 PM »

Bug Reports / Re: Hourly Garden?
« on: September 03, 2018, 05:33:33 PM »
Hourly garden seems to only work a few hours before and after server maintenance at the moment. I think they've reset the garden server a few times but it hasn't seemed to bounce back to how it used to be.

Until then , there's a temporary solution for hourly hearts here :,9.0.html

A big announcement when it's fully fixed, luv u ;Love

Guides and Tutorials / Re: Tech Guide [Audition Settings]
« on: September 03, 2018, 05:22:51 PM »
ty Bonky ;Love =^.^=

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