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Off-Beat Café / Go Vote!
« on: November 06, 2018, 06:10:41 AM »
A reminder that today is the day to vote!

If you need to find out anything including what's on your ballot (and more info on the topic) go to

You can also type into Google "how to vote" and "where to vote"  if you're not sure of the procedures and locations. It's best to go in groups if your transportation is limited. I think Uber / Lyft will have specials today too if you're going to voting locations as well.

Off-Beat Café / Omg the Megamililions Jackpot
« on: October 20, 2018, 02:01:06 PM »
This jackpot is the largest jackpot in US history! People could literally change communities with this much money. Those that are old enough to buy a ticket, did you get one today? I SURE DID LOL

First of all , giving our new GM Brazen a warm welcome on the forums and to the server.  

You could think of this as an icebreaker post or just for the nostalgia if you're a lurker. At times like this, I would go back and look at old threads because I'm bored but since we're on a new forums I'm gonna dump it here. Who's played enough that they actually geek over Audition merch ?  Doesn't have to be Audition Online but any rendition of Audition over time. I've always wondered what Audition event or prize people liked the most. Even though a few events had an unplanned turnout, our server is pretty solid when it came to grand prizes and other promotional things when they were able to do it.

Listing some of my favorites <_> lmfao . *Note that this is a very broad list lol.

Nexon/Migration era? 
Rare Nexon item, concert tickets to Natasha Bedingfield  and her avatar outfit, MTV (USA) Audition Online flash demo game & commercial,  Audition game cards.

•Alesea , Siouxsie , Sugilite , HedKandi  era :
 Audition Dance competition, Audition Online branded merch (pillows, notebooks , stickers,  charms) , music shake songs, Redbana token rewards, and the Bana Bus.

•Dozens era :
Rare item promotions for topping up  with gocash cards , new Beats headphone set for highest top-up, Prestige Cup, Audition Guitar sales,  the (beta) Redbana music shop for exclusive songs.

•Clef , Lycaeus era:
Guitar giveaways and just a good time for guitar mode events and guitar tournament (in my opinion) .

•Clef , Cuppycake & Late Siouxsie & Sugilite era:
Fam Games, player-designed items,player-produced songs, Rare Redbana Anniversary items, and play to win in-game events i.e : puzzle piece event and sneak peak videos for content updates. "The Veterans" event for levels 31+ .

•Cuppycake , Tianha , Sero & Clef era :
Prizes for downloading/playing other games ,  guitar giveaways w/free shipping, bc item requirements to participate in monthly Audition events were lifted entirely and Steam review event. 

•Tianha & Headlights era :
Bana Gacha/web shop , bonus top-up events , site makeover and frequent live streaming , newbie indefinite outfit & accessory.

Other random event moments I think about :
•When Keykee made a  plush doll that looked just like her avatar.

•The mysterious mystery box event Music? or FlameOut? hosted. Somehow the prizes were never revealed so what was in those boxes? LOL
•Ward's (Sara) Halloween submission where she recreated the Halloween Map.

KAU - Music Count Down , LaFesta, Raffle ticket events for designer prizes , PC room bonuses
WIA- Integrated Twitter event,  exclusive merch : coffee mug , signs and posters.
AU Mobile - Top-up bonuses

I didn't list everything or everyone, but it's what I remember off the top of my head lol. If I can find pictures to some of these things I'll add it in. I tried finding the MTV demo but they took it down from the site   .

Fan Creations and Blogs / Audition Emoticon Gallery
« on: September 13, 2018, 11:26:12 AM »

Use Audition emoticons in your everyday chats! Images are displayed via Imgur for quick use & viewing.
ZIP folder(s) provided for adding custom emoticon sets easily.
Speech Bubble Set rendered by unknown

Peach Set rendered by unknown

Bomi Set - rendered by Badass (Shae)

Bumi Set - rendered by Badass (Shae)

Mochi Set- rendered by Badass (Shae)

ZIP folder(s) of emoji sets via DropBox
*Updates to this thread and Drop Box folder are added when new emoticons are added to Redbana server.
*Credit goes to whoever rendered the Speech Bubble and Peach set
*9/13/18 : Added Bomi, Bumi & Mochi set! (rendered by Badass)

Add emoticons to your post :
1.Left Click > Copy image address
2."Insert Image" or type img][img
3.Copy/Paste URL beween inner brackets

Code: [Select]
Special mention to :

Chibify your avatar with Chibi Creator 2 here ! . Chibi Creator 2 was created by tgfcoder and lead artist, keiko @ tgfforums.

FAM Backstage / [INTRO] What's FAM Backstage?
« on: September 08, 2018, 11:33:37 AM »


Want to showcase your FAM? Create a FAM thread in FAM Backstage and start recruiting!

Bug Reports / Server Issues in week of 8/30/18
« on: August 31, 2018, 12:06:00 PM »
* Users are currently unable to access the buddy board, leads to disconnection.

GMs have been informed about the situation~.
8/31/18 : Developers have been informed about the situation .
9/3/18 : Buddy Board is fixed

Users are currently unable to access the FAM center.

GMs have been informed about the situation~.
9/2/18 Developers have been informed about the situation
9/3/18FAM center is fixed

Guides and Tutorials / Couple Bank! 💸💰
« on: August 30, 2018, 01:45:27 PM »
* Access to Couple Garden is needed to unlock this feature. Reamaining BEATS are withheld from use when Couple Bank item expires.
Couple Bank item allows couples to deposit and withdraw BEATS via the Couple Bank , and to share BEATS with each other.

Couple Bank Tasks:
There are 3 tasks within each ranking in order to upgrade the Couple Bank account. 
(ex: Plant , Water, Dust , Fertilize, Harvest , Aquire Garden Score , withdraw/deposit beats and spending beats within Couple Garden)

*Check the "Couple Account Balance" box for the "purchase" tasks! 

Upgrades & Rewards:
When a tier is complete, 1 prize can be obtained out of the unlocked choices and will be automatically added to "My Items" in Couple Garden inventory. After ROYAL tier is complete, the tier will restart back at NORMAL.
*Prize from completing the previous tier must be obtained before the account can be upgraded.
NORMAL - Apricot seeds
CLASSIC - Apricot seeds OR  Tulip seeds 
PREMIER - Apricot seeds OR  Tulip seeds  OR Nutrient Item
SPECIAL - Apricot seeds OR Tulip seeds OR Nutrient Item OR Revival Brooch
ROYAL - Apricot seeds OR  Tulip seeds OR  Nutrient  Item OR Revival Brooch OR One Touch Magic Wand (7 Days) OR Lv 2. Growth Potion (5)

Guides and Tutorials / Love Party Guide 💃💖
« on: August 28, 2018, 11:27:18 AM »
1. Couple!
You can do this by playing Couple Mode , or club!
To create a "Couple Mode" room :   


To create a "Club Mode" room :

Requirement :
Couple Mode - Obtain 5 hearts ( Perfect syncs)
Club Mode I (MG) - Obtain 5 hearts ( Perfect syncs)
Club Mode II - Obtain heart score of 30
Club Mode 3 - Obtain heart score of 30
Purchase "Love Potion" , the couple request will automatically pop up at the end of the match!

2. Send Kisses!
Everyday, you and your couple will need to send kisses to eachother. Press the "Send Kiss" button on the top right in the Lobby.

Requirement: 5 Kisses
*One kiss can be sent per day. Time for sending kiss resets at 12:00:00 AM (EST/ In game time)

3. Have a Wedding!
A female or male character will be able to purchase a "Wedding Ticket" in the mall. After the "Send Kiss" requirement is met , the buyer of the Wedding Ticket may start a Wedding Party! Create your Wedding Party by selecting "Wedding Party" while creating a room.

Requirement : Fufill the Wedding requirements

4. Love Parties!
After sucessfully completing the Wedding requirement , you are officially a married couple! You will gain access to the Couple Shop, Couple Garden and Secret Garden. This unlocks a lot of more features within the game that will allow you and your couple to obtain exclusive items and prizes! (which I won't go into detail in this guide lol)

In the meantime, you will be able to earn "Couple Points" . "Couple Points" are the amount of hearts you and your couple earn while married. With each tier of couple points, there are "Love Parties" . Love Parties are considered anniversaries where you and your couple have to beat the requirement to move onto the next tier/level of obtaining a # of couple points.

You or your couple will need to purchase a Love Party ticket in order to host a "Love Party!"
Requirement : Fufill the Love Party Requirements

Here is a list of the Love Party requirements and level / tiers!
 * Will update with levels 0-65 later *

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