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Bug Reports / Re: Fam Office
« on: September 11, 2018, 03:13:51 AM »
Hello. What the hacker is doing is an exploit on Audition servers by an SQL injection & database takeover tool. SQL injection is based on an encrypted data file the database executes. The packets are sent and crashes the FAM office connection.

Bug: A software bug is an error, flaw, failure or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.

Exploit: a software tool designed to take advantage of a flaw in a computer system, typically for malicious purposes such as installing malware.

Let us use our context clues to boldly answer what this situation is.

A hacker causing disruption will never be positive. The motive is not to help. The motive is to destroy morale and feel no remorse. Companies do find & pay programmers to find exploits & are lucky ethical employees do not abuse. Employees do get fired for misuse. Given this case, if believing that a  degenerate incel on a power trip is the godsend of creating a all-around functioning game designed by a Ltd company that is T3 entertainment , be my guest. You're delusional.It's unrealistic. The hacker is purposefully contingent on creating an instability issue on Audition servers. Redbana is not the solitary server vulnerable to the connection exploit. Rebana is more susceptible due to the number of players & being a native English speaking server the hacker wailfully logs onto. Programmers prohibiting exploits means back to square 1, the database. It is not the quickest fix due to outdated code. Injecting sql code into the query structure for the database to execute is not a topic a dance game should worry about unless a hacker creates the problem. Moreover would explain the previous forum & website crashes, too.

Do not be manipulated intrusting that this situation is helping a company.


nice reading on wikipedia but you are totally wrong. you are talking about SQL injection and serverbased hacking. thats totally wrong. jakup found bugs which are clientsided. he wrote it btw some posts before.  you cant compare serverside with clientside. its like you compare a hammer with a screwdriver. he offered his help often but they always rejected his help. why should he write a ticket or offer his help again if they are stubborn? he is just showing whats wrong with the game. he gives the devs the responsibility to find the bugs on their own way, because they didnt want his help.
i think you should renew your knowledge of what he is doing. if he could hack serverbased, why doesnt he have like 1 mio cash and 999.999.999.999 beats? why dont he has the gamemaster status? because he cant hack serverbased. he is just finding bugs in their client and is exploiting them.
you are the consumer of a product. why would support accept data fixes from consumers? newsflash basic security measure. no bananasing game would give a response. if games were dumb enough to trust a hacker , hackers access sensitive information for a deeper attack. its like comparing it to a customer telling you how to do a job so they can steal. hackers say different things to manipulate.fuels ego to be 2 faced.ppl playing audition and league get bananased over thinking a hacker was good.person get permanent ban or worse. financial security fixes money glitches faster duh. fam glitch is server error. loading from restore point fixes crashed buddy board just like code set to default fixes fam office connection. your argument is nonsense.

Oh my goodness gracious you guys are actually too immature and underdeveloped to even think outside of your arrogance. First of all you're always getting banned because it's basic in-game rules and regulations. You get permanently banned for exploiting game flaws and bugs on a first offense, ip ban when you hack on your third offense, how many times have you done it now? Yet you still go out of your own way, put in endless time of your day to find a way to continue to do what you do. If you really wanted to help the server you would just report it and give the fix. Why does a company need to make time to reach out to you to get a fix? You want a cookie medal or something? Your intentions are flawed again, you just want to prove you're not as stupid as you look with a medal saying good work.

Literally no one wants this stupid childish drama. If you're gonna start calling people retarded and autistic, don't cry if people come after you personally. If you can't understand why people are insulting jakup you're seriously down at his level of comprehension. There's no reason to further explain the side of a Redbana Audition Dance Battle Online dancer when most of it have been said yet still failed to be understood. Simply putting it, you're just annoying.

Sorry you guys can't enjoy the game anymore like a few people left on Redbana Audition Dance Battle Online. I hope you all find your inner peace and can finally stop being so miserable with your lives full of hate. We'll continue to dance it out on the dance floor with or without FAM chat. meow~

an intellectual.

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