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  • welp sos

    2 questions- what is this cpl gatcha and what is that Christmas tree for LOL whats the point irdjt

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    The christmas tree is a puzzle where you can get it completed through playing games with more than 2 plaxers.
    GPL Gatcha is a new function where you can get some items for free.


    • Gabe
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      Do we have any more infos about the Gacha? How to make it work and receive prizes?

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    Adding to what Jakup stated ,

    based off what I've seen so far , not official patch notes

    Gacha Machine

    Gacha Machine gives users that have couple garden a number of tickets to spin per day . It ranges from 1-10 tickets per day. I'm not sure how the number of tickets per day is determined.

    The couple can split the tickets however they want until the spins run out for the day.

    So far the prizes are :
    5 Rounds of x2 EXP
    1 Round of x2 EXP
    3 Rounds of x2 Couple Point (doubles synergy and participation hearts only)
    Gold Shot Nutrient (I have no idea what that does, but it might be similar to the regular nutrient item).

    No other prizes have been reported yet.

    Prizes from the Gacha are sent to the user's Gift Inbox

    Hopefully we'll see a full patch note about it soon because I think there are some items that are still bugged, but for the most part FREE x2 EXP!! WOOO
    King Worm Update

    There's a Daily "King Worm" that shows up in an active garden (I'm not sure if your garden needs to be expanded or not) and gives 3 heart hats when you beat it to death

    Completed "King Worm " quest

    Garden Levels

    Garden Levels were added into the rankings
    Christmas Tree
    As far as the Christmas tree , it's similar to the puzzle event . You play with other players to score ornaments to light up/decorate the tree.
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    • Random
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      I'm not sure how you obtain a certain amount of daily tickets yet. On my alt account that was inactive (saplings were dead, and included 1 expansion item) , I got only 1 ticket to spin.

    • CherBear
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      Just to input on the King Worm quest - doesn't seem have to have any particular preference in expansion in garden or not [from what I saw]. Maybe lvl?

    • Dexins
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      cool thanks for farther explaining it!

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    Dexins according to kau, the number of spins you get is dependent on your couple garden rank

    i've also received one couple point from gacha...literally just one singular heart lol
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      Yasss Myu!!!