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  • 8key help!

    hi! i used to do 8-key on my laptop but ever since i got a new computer, i have a keyboard without numlock- so whenever i try to press the keys for the extra keys, it just types out the numbers. someone told me once i had to use the 'fn' key, but i can't seem to get that to work either. any help?

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    Are you using the correct fn key combinations? If you are and it still doesn't work, try using home, end, pg up, pg dn, left, right, and down button. It'll be a lot harder but you can get the hang of it.

    daibetes x alkhurma // j.y.


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      i don't know what the fn key combinations are to be honest lol, i'm totally lost. i'll try the other buttons !


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        The fn key combinations are 7 8 9 u i o j k l

        daibetes x alkhurma // j.y.


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          Try holding Shift. If that doesn't work your keyboard's numpad implementation might not be compatible.

          Simply if you're holding FN and hitting the keys that are labeled with Numpad legends and it's outputting numbers then you found the right key locations.

          Sometimes it's implemented a different way though: like if it's a Numlock toggle, Numlock ON changes that block of keys to output numbers and you don't have to hold FN. If it's a laptop keyboard, you can sometimes change this behavior in the BIOS settings.

          The only issue (with either case) is sometimes keyboards don't send the correct scan codes for numpad, sometimes they will send row 1 number codes (the row above the alphas) and that generally won't work. It just depends on how that keyboard model was programmed.

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