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    Hello, so me and my friend won the Eternal Heart key mark thing on Monday. Redbana told us 24 hours we would see it on our accounts. Then they told us on Sunday at 12am (midnight) audition time. It's WAAAY past this time. Also I gifted my friend cash on MONDAY and it's SUNDAY.. they still have not received. redbana will not reply to anyone's ticket about these issues it seems like so does anyone know the actually time gifted cash from the redbana website shop actually sends? And I've pretty much given up on this damn event mark.

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    I won the mark also and they did reply to my ticket and told me 12am Sunday also. I just checked its not on mine either so idk. As for the cash, a lot of people have no gotten the cash they have gifted to friends this week. I have gifted cash before and it was instant but I am also waiting to recive cash right now. Maybe there was a lot of requests this week so they are behind. If you still have not gotten your cash or event mark by tomorrow night you should write another ticket.


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      We should wait untill after this week's server maintenance before sending in another ticket. Maybe enabling these marks won from the bana gacha can only be done through a maintenance. Also, maybe the marks are also inserted in batches rather than individually. Kevinoap, your not the only person waitting for the Elemental Heart Key so don't worry.

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        The Elemental Heart Key mark was spotted in game! Relog if you guys have won it and check if you guys have received it.
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          I look fine as hell.

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          Dayum, no wonder you get all the ladies.

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        First of all, congratulation! but I don't know how to solve your problem.
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