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  • Need help installing - (Please)

    Hey guys, so I have the new MacBook Pro 2016 with the touchbar/touchId. I used bootcamp to partition windows 10 on my macOs. Everything went fine with the download besides some of the minor bumps I hit. SO,anyways after getting that configured, I went to redbana's home sit and downloaded the direct download full client, but after I downloaded and installed the client, it tries to patches up until 107 of 118 patches, and it stops loading I've tried to download the patches multiple times ,and in short have wasted a lot of time because it has gotten me no where but a head full of frustration. Does anyone know how to fix this issue , I use to play a while ago back during when Nexon still owned the game. I would like to be able to play today. Thank you in advance.

    ​* Should I try to download the torrent version ??
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    Leebyn .
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      The torrent download and direct download from the Redbana website are the same, so don't bother with the torrent.

      If you have a Steam account, I recommend downloading Audition via Steam because it doesn't have redundant patches - you can still use your regular Redbana account info for the Steam client.

      Try a manual patch first, that way you'll be closer to the most current version even if the patcher messes up. Audifan has one here: Audition10247to10346.exe (668 MB) from the manual patch page. Then it'll only have to do 19 patches instead of 118.

      I don't know if maybe there's a limit on temporary files downloaded via patcher/IE? and that's why it keeps stopping on you at the same place every time, but the manual patch should help with that too.

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