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Audition Council: Roster Update!

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  • Audition Council: Roster Update!

    Hello all! We're posting to inform everyone of recent council changes.

    Based upon the results of the recruitment period, we have a new roster of Community Agents for Redbana Council.
    September 2016: Some changes have been made to the Redbana Council roster, please take note of these updates.

    Current Council

    Redbana Staff

    Clef / send a PM
    Cuppycake / send a PM
    Jyser / send a PM

    - GM Mark and Room title icon

    Community Agent (CA)

    IGN / Forum Name
    Badass / Random / send Shae a PM
    Leebyn / Leebyn / send Leebyn a PM
    - CA Mark and Room title icons

    About the Council

    For all the newer players and just as a refresher for the veteran players:

    Who are Community Agents?

    Community Agents (commonly abbreviated as CAs) are regular players who applied and were chosen by Redbana staff to represent the player community of Redbana Audition. In the past, there was a FAM Council where prominent FAM leader representatives were voted upon by the community, but now the council has evolved into representing the playerbase as a whole rather than FAM groups.

    What is the role of the Community Agent?

    The official Audition Council directives include:

    1. Acting as liaison between American Audition’s community and Redbana staff.
    2. Pursuing the best interest of the community as a whole.
    3. Voicing the opinions of the community.
    4. Spreading the word.

    The common theme here is community and communication. We are here to reflect the best interests of this community and this game, and this encompasses all aspects of the idea - playing the game and being aware of what goes on in game, compiling technical issues with running the game, organizing information regarding how to play the game, looking for fair and fun events, and always looking for ways to improve. We are here to forward your ideas and concerns, no matter how small.

    We are also available as a resource for players. It's our responsibility to update everyone on major changes with the game should they arise. Anyone is welcome to ask us questions and we'll do our best to find answers for you.

    What else do Community Agents do?

    It typically depends on the individual CA - what their specific interests and strengths are, but as a whole we have projects such as compiling common suggestions and forwarding them in an organized format to staff, finding glitches and bug testing and reporting them accurately, looking for content updates to prioritize for Redbana server (like songs and in-game features), keeping the social outlets (such as these forums!) friendly, and of course we like to plan events for you guys to keep the game interesting.

    But other than that, we are still regular players just like everyone else. We are NOT GMs. CAs do not work for Redbana Corporation and do not necessarily share the opinions of Redbana staff.

    What are the Community Agents NOT involved with?

    CAs do not and should not have your personal information, billing information, or account information.
    CAs do not make decisions regarding account bans or warnings.
    CAs do not have direct access to support tickets and are not responsible for those replies.
    CAs are not involved with running GM Hosted Events unless specifically stated in the Event Mechanics.

    What about the previous Council activities?

    The Council intentions have remained the same, so we will be doing our best to continue projects left over from the previous CAs including the anonymous tumblr ask page, and carrying over the old lists of suggestions and information.

    Thank you for your support!

    We truly want the best for Redbana Audition. Please don't hesitate to contact any one of the CAs in game or via forums if you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions. Let us know how we can improve. Alternatively, you can also send us a message anonymously via the Redbana Council tumblr. Thanks!
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    Leebyn Greentlover
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    saving this just in case

    Leebyn Greentlover
    FB | Twitch | Tournament log | PM me about anything ^^


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      Congratulations to all the new CAs!
      IGN: whatamelon


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        Welcome aboard new agents and congratulations


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          Hello everyone!

          First, I want to say congratulations to Shae, who has been CA potential for well over the last two years! She has brought so many ideas/guides and has done so much for the forums that I can say she truly is CA material! If it was not for her, I most likely would not have applied. I'm glad she convinced me to give it a go. As you know, we are all here to present the community and the community's wishes. To tell you a little about myself, my name is Ronny. I've been playing Audition for 10 years, started with the global bugs server in 2006 then moved to SEA. and found my way over to Nexon Audition's North American server. I absolutely love video games, music, and pop culture. I'm 23 and an aspiring musician. I've taken the self appointed task of working with the music related issues of the game, and will also be more of a hands on deck CA member. I will do whatever is needed of me, but you can think of me as the music CA if you'd like. Feel free to ask me anything in game, my IGN is ~KentyGaga~ and I'm more than happy to answer any game related questions, or find more information for you. Look out for me in Audition
          Thanks to Aria~ for the great Siggy


          • Hengbok
            Hengbok commented
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            omg i saw you Ronny earlier lol I didn't even know that was your new IGN(btw new for me may be old for you guys now haha)
            If I had started the match one second later you could have joined in with Shae lol
            but yeah thanks for stopping by at the end. I had to go get ready so I couldnt stay so long ~-~

            Congratulations again

          • ronnysmith
            ronnysmith commented
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            That's okay Hengbok ! My ign prior to ~KentyGaga~ was juniorlove. I changed it when I got to Bana, but hardly anyone knew me under either IGN so it's quite alright! I do remember you and all of your contributions though, and I think you're a highly respected member of the community. Thank you, and I'm glad to have you as well a part of this community.

          • Hengbok
            Hengbok commented
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            its just so lame that I didn't have a working PC for the longest time.
            and it didn't help when I tried making these wall of texts explaining what has been happening on my phone on facebook/forum and it clears because it thought I was inactive lol but yeah some people were like wait what? you're playing that again? and i'm like.. you have no idea how long I've been trying to play this agaiiiin lol

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          HIIIII YOU GUYS. I'm Vashae, but you can just call me Shae.

          Backstory: Ironically, ronnysmith (Ron) was the first person I met on this forum after it took me a good 3 years to discover and join the forums after playing in-game. If you wanted to know about other servers in the good days up to now (and some unique music choices) he'll know. Caterinaa (Amy) is the sweetest person you'll meet. She's always down to talk and discuss current issues and how to fix them and comes up with versatile ideas to help inform the community. Leebyn (Andrew) has always been the OG CA. He will dissect your problems to the core with a well rounded explanation as to why it happens and gives great recommendations to some computer gear,it's honestly amazing. Some of the former CA's , Sly,Tr848 and Rosilia. Slinder (Sly) came up with creative events and inspired me to make some crazy ones like Food Frenzy. Rosilia (Alex) always had the BEST outfits in the Runway thread. I'd always try to get on their level but yeah I can never LOL. tr848 (Kevin) inspired me a lot to inform the community about the game. He still has up if you want to go check it out, it's pretty cool. I'm gonna include Hengbok (Lee) in here but ya'll already know, he was the face of RB with all of his streams and I was lowkey envious of him when I found out he rode in the Bana Bus O_~ .I'm glad he's back LOL.These are a few out of the MANY people that were apart of this council as well that have helped this game improve in more ways than one, from getting songs onto the game ( Sam HellQueen etc) or developing new applications for people to log on the game (tgfcoder etc) . it would just be a lot to list LOL. Just know that all the CA's changed the game in a HUGE way than what it was" before and we can still continue to improve this game to the fullest. It's awesome be apart of a chill team like this because everyone has a lot to offer, and you guys do too! We're players just like you so next time CA apps go around , don't hesitate to apply.

          I'll tell you about myself *_*! I'm 21 and I've been playing Audition for a long time now, since Nexon. Ever since 2007-08?. I've always loved to heart spam and exp spam. It's lame I know, but when I get bored you'll probably see me doing either or just because I'm so used to it LOL . I've always had a love for gardening (in real life especially & lowkey on audiLOLLLL), volunteering for non profits, music, fashion and video games! In the future, I plan to major in pharmacy! I love hearing what you guys think and the ideas you have because I know we all have the same goal; to make the game better together (I know, cheesy but LMAOO).I'm glad to have the opportunity to record feedback from you guys to help improve the game and discuss the good and the bad with the server into depth. I'll be participating in a bit of everything but you'll mainly see me spewing out links to helpful threads ,technical support and guides and all that good stuff to help you navigate through all the news and events going on.If you need links to anything on this forum...I might know where it is LMAO. HELP. Any questions or concerns you have feel free to message me or the other CA's
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          • Tarolin
            Tarolin commented
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            Loved getting to know so much more about you Shae! I can't wait to see what will be in store for you as a CA! You'll do great things

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          What can I say about the CAs (including Hengbok) is that you are a group of gutsy people. It takes guts to sign up for CA given the current situation of the game. It is a thankless job: facing the angry community, answering random people about technical supports, players stalking you in game and of course, the impossible task of making Redbana do something.

          Do know that the community appreciates your efforts and hopefully, that knowledge is enough driving force for you to continue on being a CA. And remember that whatever you do, no matter how small, it is still better than Redbana.
          IGN: whatamelon


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            Hey everyone, I'm one of the new Community Agent's for Audition. My name is Amy. You may have seen me in-game as Caterina . It's an honour and a privilege to represent you guys, the community. As one of your representatives, I would like you guys to know who I am and what my ideals are.

            I'm Amy, a 3rd year university student studying mathematical economics. I started playing Audition back in 2010 and I have fell in love with it ever since. (Playing DDR was fun but it was not interactive and social). I love real-time competition and this is where Audition comes in to play. I am a Canadian-born Chinese (Cantonese speaking) living in Toronto. I come from a family of tradition and culture. With that, I respect the culture and tradition of all ethnicity and players. Audition has once had traditions and customs before and I hope to restore the good in these traditions and customs as well as bring in new fruitful and creative ideas to the game. I hope that one day in the near future, this game will return to its glory days in a new era. Well that's enough about me and lets get back to business.

            As a community agent, I and the other CA's are open to any feedback, ideas, suggestions, questions, comments, help, etc and we will pass these concerns on to our game masters. We are all friendly. Feel free to approach any of us in game or on the forums. This game was without a CA for a while and now the CA's are now back . Please bare with us through this transition phase and we will resume work as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

            Caterina | Special Master | Mercy


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              Due to some events/issues, ronnysmith and Caterinaa has been removed from the current CA.

              The current CA would be Leebyn and Random.
              ^_^ FOUND IT ^_^