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Audition Council Update - February

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  • Audition Council Update - February

    Hello Hello ~
    This is a quick catch up on things we have pushed for and are currently waiting a reply for.

    As a quick refresher of the current CM & CAs - we have (forum name -> IGN):
    Cuppycake - Cuppy
    Exhausted - Exhausted
    Kimoh - 16
    Leebyn - Leebyn
    Rosilia - Rosilia (new)
    Slinder - Sly
    Sora - Sora
    Tamai - Tamai
    tr848 - tr848

    Welcome to the team Rosilia ~ !!!

    Beginner & EXP Server:
    We have asked for both of them. The exp sever, in which, being kept up as one of the main channels.
    We are still awaiting a response for these.

    Tournament Times :
    We are currently discussing and trying to figure out what times would be best for which tournament.
    We have already asked what it is the community preferred for Team Tournament (here), however changing one tourmanet time might (not for sure) lead to changing another tournaments time.
    Please feel free to put your feedback in for this.

    Gifting :
    No response unfortunately.

    Fashion Sneak Peek:
    They have started posting fashion sneak peeks on Facebook again.
    Check them out - Redbana Audition Facebook

    Music :
    We thank you guys so much for putting in the extra effort on finding free music. I really can't wait to hear it in game (if it makes it past the requirement to be implemented in game).
    Cuppy gained permission from the higher ups to go ahead and contact the artists once we get the permission from the artists.
    So now she is also helping with the effort.
    So far all of the artists have been contacted (except for the newest ones).
    Now we are just waiting.
    If you have questions on what to look for, or want to post an artist you have contacted feel free to do so here -> Music Thread

    Premium Music:
    It has been revealed that they do not plan on getting rid of the premium songs.
    However it's still unknown if it really is still staying.
    And if it is staying, the time of it coming back is unknown.

    Events :
    We are always pleased to be hosting events, as we continue to create more.
    If you have an idea for an event that you would like us to host, please feel free to state or PM the idea to one of us.
    I am sure we would be more than happy to put your event out there.
    I keep my eye on that forum: What CA Events Would You Like to See

    BGM Master :
    BGM Master has now been implimented.
    Take advantage of it to gain bonus exp!
    Take a look at the lovely guide tr848 made for us - BGM Master Guide

    EU Players:
    Welcome Welcome ~
    Glad to have you guys join us. I can't wait to see you in game.
    As a welcome to the US Server, the CM Cuppy is hosting a Welcome Event for you guys.
    Make sure to pay attention to the rules - Welcome EU Players

    They are aware of the current bugs and working on them as well as the new ones from the BGM Master.
    Please keep reporting all the bugs in the Bugs Report section of the forums (here).
    Thank you again.

    Not much to update you guys on, unfortunately.
    We do have other things on the list, however that is what is currently our top priority as we continue to ask if there has been a reply to any of them.
    If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to express and we will respond to the best of our ability.
    Sly - LvL 53 Headliner
    Representing: Subjects
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    tl;dr - we are engaging in pleasant conversation about everything


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      you forgot the giftbox glitch
      it's been like.. over 2months now

      oh, welcome Rosilia


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        Thanks for the update &
        Gratz to Rosilia in becoming a CA


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          oooh, nice rosilia : )
          and welcome to the eu players


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            Originally posted by Anastasia View Post
            you forgot the giftbox glitch
            it's been like.. over 2months now

            oh, welcome Rosilia
            I double checked, and that is one of the glitches that the devs are aware of
            Sly - LvL 53 Headliner
            Representing: Subjects
            Where it's always Halloween


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              Welcome EU players!
              Lovely update, thank you!


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                oh welcome Rosilia
                daibetes x alkhurma // j.y.


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                  Welcome EU players!

                  And congratulations, Rosilia .
                  ✿ ♔

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                    Welcome Rosilia
                    sig by Elo | deviantart


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                      Welcome EU players and congratulations, Rosilia!
                      the reason why we're in paradise together ♥


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                        Thanks for update !

                        Congrats, Rosilia and welcome Eu Players !


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                          welcome eu, and grats rosilia!

                          yeah lets get that community music on track tbh


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                            Grats @Rosilla!

                            More community music please! . I did a little favour for you .
                            Welcome to Redbana, Europeans!
                            Affogato / Fakku / Level 23 / Active


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                              yasss rosilia get stuff done
                              you remind me of my bimmer

                              Gore 🌴

                              [9:31:02 PM] Draco: thinkin bout booty 25/8