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CA Blog - October 2016

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  • CA Blog - October 2016

    CA Blog - October 2016

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    Hey everyone! As you can tell, we have regained access to this subforum, and we’ll be continuing with council blog posts! We’ll probably do these monthly like previously so we can keep everyone updated.

    If you aren’t familiar with the council, give this thread a quick read! It explains who we are and what our objectives are.

    Behind the scenes
    We’ve collected user feedback formally in the form of surveys for CA Events, new Audition content updates, and what players generally want to see in the game. Here were some common requests:
    • Music
    Getting new music was by far the most mentioned response.
    Community’s Choice team has simplified the process of getting song permissions, so we hope that the community requested songs will get approved for in-game use. You can continue to submit song suggestions in the Comm. Choice submissions thread here.
    • Song charts for Beat Up/Block Beat, Guitar, Ballroom modes
    We’ve heard your requests for new songs or better charts for these alternative modes in game! We are aware that there are still some guitar mode songs that haven’t been added yet and hope we can get some of those added as well.
    • Installation file
    The current standalone client downloads are outdated and we have requested an update. Currently we recommend installing the game through Steam which is a free to use distribution platform and store to purchase many PC games. Audition is of course still free to download, and you can use your existing Redbana accounts in the Steam client.

    In Game Updates
    • August
      • Puzzle Event
      • New songs
      • Secret story update
    • September
      • Couple Garden new seeds and accessories
      • Couple shop new outfit
      • Mall update - avatar items and pets
      • Room background images
    • Winning avatar item designs from last May’s ’Design Your Own Item’ event are now available to be purchased in game. Check out the original designs and item counterparts in Shae’s post here.
    • X-Trap was updated 29th of September 2016

    GM Events
    • Player submitted in-game notice banners will show up in game soon! Congratulations to winners of the ‘Cheer us with your own words’ event.
    • The weekend website event sale for Home Premium Mark item had 10+ purchases, so each participant was given 10% of the cost back into their Bana Cash balance. Check your in-game Gift Box in the mall to pick it up and enjoy!
    CA Events
    • Halloween BOO-gie Fest! - bringing back some Battle Party hype, and win a 7 day Halloween themed outfit of your choice, some exclusive ones included!
    • Story Trivia! - review your Episode 1 and 2 story plots for a chance at EXP cards or Story Reset item!

    Player Hosted Events
    • Liveplay Video Contest was a neat little contest to prove your skills at some hard to perf songs.
    • Hikari FAM Event, a skill based event with an interesting mechanic, was recently opened up to members outside the Hikari FAM, so check it out if you’re looking for a challenge.
    • Mk_’s BeatUp Challenge Challenge is currently in progress. It’s no longer open for participants but try not to disturb any of the participants in-game if they’re in a locked Beat Up room ;)
    Newly found bugs / Known Issues Forum updates
    • Thread necromancy forum game has ended.
    • Forum posting lag should be fixed or at least improved now.
    • We’re looking into some more forum enhancements to improve the user experience.
    Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions. See you in game!
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