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    New in July
    - FAM Ranking Seasons are here. Learn all about it on the July update details thread.
    - The event server is back; it will be available until the maintenance on August 26, 2014. You must be level 21 or over to enter, and you will receive 50% more EXP from all games.
    - New music. 7 new songs were added last month. They were also added to Beat Up, One Two Party, Rhythmholic, Space Pang Pang, and Block Beat. A new guitar song (Sweden) was added as well.
    - New items. Over 220 new items were added last month including a new DJ booth, platform, guitar, 4 accessories, 2 couple rings, and 2 couple licenses.

    Known Issues
    - Sanctuary on Block Beat mode only has space bar notes.
    - X-Trap closes the game due to KERNEL32.dll. See this thread and this post for instructions on fixing the problem.
    - The song Rescue is actually by Yuna and not by Flux. A mistake was made when typing up the song list, and it will be fixed.

    - If you find any bugs, please report them in the Bug Reports forum.

    Indefinite Items
    - If an item does not have the indefinite option yet, you can request specific items in this thread.
    - The latest batch of indefs from that thread should be added later this month.

    Mall Sale
    A new Fashion Mall sale is actively being worked out.

    Getting Audition on Steam Greenlight is still being worked on.
    I know this same update is posted on each blog, but it's really all that can be said. They have made progress, but it's still being worked on.

    Redbana Forums runs on the very latest version of vBulletin.
    They are currently waiting for a bug fix update from vBulletin before giving the forums an Audition theme.

    Everyone is fully aware that the Audition website needs to be updated. There is no news at this time for when that will happen.

    More new music is on the way!

    If you have any questions, please let us know.
    Have fun in Audition!
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    Will there be anything special happening this month :O