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  • [CA Blog] July

    Hello Hello ~ !!!
    I hope you all Americans had a wonderful 4th of July!
    And took awesome pictures of those fireworks!
    Or... even launched some fireworks!!!
    And I hope the summer is starting off wonderfully for the rest of you that have summer break!

    ---Current CM & CAs---
    Cuppycake - Cuppy
    Leebyn - Leebyn
    Rosilia - Rosilia
    Sam - Itachi
    Slinder - Sly
    Sora - Sora
    Tamai - Tamai
    tr848 - tr848

    Fae has left us again. Hope life treats you well!

    Recapping what happened during June~

    New list of Indef update.
    New Clothes
    New Songs
    Beginner Triple Mission
    Special Pack

    For more details -
    June 1st and 2nd update

    Music :
    Rest assure! More songs are on their way!
    We keep pushing for more and more.
    And please feel free to continue to submitting more free music if you find any

    Indefinite Items :
    There was a minor issue with the last indef update.
    However it was quickly fixed so all those items should be indef now.
    Next indef update is coming soon. So requests for this patch is no longer being taken in.
    However feel free to keep on adding to the list for the next update!
    Thread is ~>

    Beginner Server :
    Beginner Server is being put on hold as of this moment.

    Green Light :
    Green light is continuing to be pushed.

    Events :
    Sorry that there hasn't been any events recently.
    Ideas are stirring along with ones that are already created.
    Just trying to figure out which ones to do and get the permission!
    But don't be shy, join other player hosted events!!!
    Food Frenzy hosted by Random and Food (IGN: Kickass & Badass) will surely put a kick to this year's summer!
    Of course there are awesome prizes, but don't forget to just have fun ~ !!! ~>
    Food Frenzy (Summer Event) <~

    Bugs & Glitches :
    Other than the bugs that were mentioned in the June update thread created by tr848 there hasn't been any other news on bug fixes.
    Ones mentioned are:
    • No longer getting Music Lyrics in gift box
    • Items that were made indef, and then weren't indef after the update is fixed.
    • Fixed Timebox Numbering position.
    I reassure that fixing the bugs is still our priority and is being the number one thing pushed for.
    Please continue to report other bugs and glitches at the Bug Reports section.

    Things we are focusing on for this month:
    We are still continuing to focus on Music Updates as well as getting the bugs fixed.
    Again, there has been no word on promotion updates. If the information does become available I'll try to tell asap.

    Please feel free to comment to what you think we should add on to our focusing list.
    All feedback is taken into consideration.

    Hope you all have a wonderful time on Audition!
    Sly - LvL 53 Headliner
    Representing: Subjects
    Where it's always Halloween

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    How about a new update to the tutorial that bores people to death

    n happy Canada day to Canadians :O


    • Slinder
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      Happy be-lated Canada day ~ !!!

      @Tutorial Update - I have brought up the idea, thank you for it.

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    A little late for the Happy Canada Day. It was July 1st. Also, the tutorial isn't for the purpose of being fun for people who have already played. Obviously to people who have already played the game and are just making a noob account, the tutorial is going to be a drag. It is for new players (legit new players as in they've never played this game before). The tutorial is for them to be able to learn how this game works and most likely they would find it somewhat entertaining when it's their first time trying. I remember I was very intrigued at the tutorial (although I found it a tad cheesy) and the tutorial is by far such a minimal part of this game that it would require a revamp.

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      I wanna say I'm genuinely surprised the new song direction you guys has taken. I am really pleased you guys got some Karetus in here. Whoever is working on getting these good artists to redbana. THANK YOU SO MUCH. This is actually what I was hoping for on song update. I actually thought you guys were still continuing with the annoying songs like modfunk or god forebid, another of those Maraculous - Party All Night kinda music. One of the reasons I disliked redbana was initially the music content.. So it's a MAJOR plus for players like me to see decent music being added. I'm glad you guys are changing the directions in terms of music away from unknown artists that people actually don't really know about and towards a direction of decent indie artists. It's really nice. I'm actually enjoying this game far more than I thought. Thanks for the hard work CA's.

      (Y) O _O

      Also I'm curious, is redbana planning to put any thoughts onto your website? it's really outdated. I think with the content that this game has, we are far better than such a beta website. I'm starting to think in terms of quality of the game, we're doing a bit better than sea but only behind on music(which I assume you guys will fix in a few patches or so). But can we have a sick website like KAU?
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      • Slinder
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        You can thank Sam .

        @Website update - We are highly aware of that issue and the message about it has been forwarded.