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    ---Current CM & CAs---
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    Fae - Fae
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    Rosilia - Rosilia
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    Welcome back to the CA Team Kevin ~ Yay for school break!

    Recapping what happened during May ~

    New list of Indef update.
    New Clothes
    New Couple Shop Items
    New Songs
    TimeBox System - Details

    For more details -
    May 13th update
    For more details - May 28th update

    Music :
    Slowly but surely they are being added.
    Planning on trying to focus to get more up added.
    Also to get some guitar songs on there as well.

    Indefinite Items :
    There is a minor issue with the previous indef list.
    We are already aware of the issue.
    It is being worked on, please have patience.
    Last indef list has been updated. A new one is starting. Feel free to add on.
    Thread is ~>

    Beginner Server :
    Beginner Server is still being discussed.

    Green Light :
    Green light has been pushed for later due to some issues.

    Forums Update:
    Heatcliff was able to add the "entry" to the actual forums.
    Some feedback on whether it is liked or not would be appreciated.
    However, they still need more time to make the Audition skin for the forums.

    Events :
    More and more events ~
    I hope all of you are having fun in the current event ~
    And we hope to see you in the future ones ~
    Please feel free to submit any event ideas you have that you'd like to see us host.
    We are always open to ideas and/or suggestions.

    Bugs & Glitches :
    There hasn't been an update on that just yet.
    Please continue to post in the "Bugs Report" section for any other issues.
    Some of these are expected to be fixed in the near future.

    Things we are focusing on for this month:
    We are still continuing to focus on Music Updates as well as getting the bugs fixed.

    There has been no word on promotion updates. If the information does become available I'll try to tell asap.

    Please feel free to comment add on what you think we should focus on.
    All feedback is taken into consideration.
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    Welcome Back Kevin~!

    Umm what's the "entry" ?


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    Welcome back, Kevin.

    /will edit later if necessary.
    getting fu---- by an egg..
    ..that's live.


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      Welcome back, Kevin!!
      the reason why we're in paradise together ♥