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  • [CA Blog] May

    ---Current CM & CAs---
    Cuppycake - Cuppy
    Fae - Fae
    Leebyn - Leebyn
    Rosilia - Rosilia
    Sam - Itachi
    Slinder - Sly
    Sora - Sora
    Tamai - Tamai

    Sorry to see you go Exhausted (Alej).

    Recapping what happened during April ~
    • Login Screen Picture Changed.
    • Had an update to the entrance of Audition Town.​
    • Had the Audition 5th Anniversary Sale.
    • Event Server was briefly opened.
    • Female accounts can now purchase Wedding and Love Party Tickets.
    • Added Avatar Accessories
      • +8 Faces
      • +34 Female Hair
      • +21 Female Tops
      • +23 Female Bottoms
      • +13 Female Sets
      • +30 Female Shoes
      • +20 Male Hair
      • +18 Male Tops
      • +19 Male Bottoms
      • +3 Male Sets
      • +19 Male Shoes
      • +3 Couple Shop Items
    • For full details + images of items please visit the following threads:
    Music :
    Next update for music should be next month.

    Indefinite Items :
    All indef items from the list should be added on May 14th patch.
    Thread is ~>

    Beginner Server :
    Beginner Server is still being discussed.

    Gifting :
    As of this moment, gifting will not be implemented.
    They are facing to many charge backs from Paypal and hackers.
    They said that they will look into it once the charge backs from Paypal is under control.
    And even if so, it will still take a lot of time.
    They'll have to revise and modify things legally for the user agreements,
    and the companies international policies.
    So... no gifting.

    Green Light :
    Green light has been pushed for later due to some issues.

    Events :
    More and more events ~
    I hope you're prepared for the next one!
    And we hope to see you in the future ones ~
    Please feel free to submit any event ideas you have that you'd like to see us host.
    We are always open to ideas and/or suggestions.

    Bugs & Glitches :
    Please continue to post in the "Bugs Report" section for any other issues.
    Some of these are expected to be fixed in the near future.

    I apologize for the day late update.
    That is all we have to update you on that has happened last month.
    If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns feel free to let any of us know.
    We will try our best to answer them to the best of our ability.
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    Good bye April

    tbh you should put the CA's goals for the month of May. Like what you guys would be pushing for. Just a thought.

    Nevertheless gj
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    • Slinder
      Slinder commented
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      Noted ~ I'll be sure to start adding that to the next blog - unless you want to know for this one as well? =o

    • Dorkly
      Dorkly commented
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      mhmm Well If theres something neat I'm sure the community wouldn't mind knowing about it. Perhaps something involving the time when the new 'format' for this forums would be set in. It was pointed out that this was just a 'skeleton' and there were new additions that are still going to be made. & Putting the updates would be fine starting next month

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    I'd also like to STRONGLY add that forum display change as an option to work on this month to be honest. I think people are used to the new forums, that we should be moving on from the ''BETA" stage already.Having that Audition Topic/Member section on the first page all condensed down like that isn't really as functional as people thought it would be. Yeah theres the latest topics and who posted last but that only helps but so much with the navigation.The replies have slowly died or there wouldnt be many replies to suggestions etc, just the feedback for peoples threads is kinda eh unless a small group of people post in it a lot @_@. It would still be REALLY helpful for people to see all of the updated sections and threads at once like we used to opposed to digging through the sections cause I'll admit it's pretty annoying clickin..

    How the Audition section looks now,obviously

    How it should look,or after look after the format on the main page. It's still the same as before but you know, updated. I mean Heat's got the format correctly, I even contacted them about this like last month, not so much back on it. I'm not sure what's getting in the way of it happening, but hopefully its reformatted this month cause forums is dying slowly. Maybe reformatting it would get it somewhat active again. I just think it's put in the wrong place . I mean take in mind they do have this section done and it's up and running, its just in the WRONG place.
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    • Random
      Random commented
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      LOL this thing actually runs pretty smooth im impressed O_O i just dont think they have the display updated cause it costs more or something LOL but all the software's updated :P

    • Alei
      Alei commented
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      It's not an old school comp qq pretty sure thats windows 7

    • Leebyn
      Leebyn commented
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      ^Exactly. Yeah, that's Windows 7 Classic theme. I like it because it uses less (graphics/)resources, which might matter if you don't have great specs on your computer. Don't judge a computer by its taskbar... !

      Anyhow back on topic, I wholeheartedly agree with what Random is pointing out. The current forums layout is very inconvenient if you want to see latest posts at a glance, and I know this isn't the first time you've posted about it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    yes new music please!
    Arsyn x Crimson


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      I honestly don't have any information as far as the forums is concerned - so I'll dig around and see what kind of answers I can get.
      I'll try to get back to you guys on that as soon as I an, or get someone to answer.

      As for what we are working for in general -
      The biggest topic as of this moment (not surprisingly) is the bugs and music.
      Sam is working at her best to get all the free music that she can - turning in bulks.
      There has also been a push for mainstream songs.
      The Redbana staff is constantly pushing the devs to work on both the music and bugs.

      Of course we are working on events.

      As stated above there is constant reminders of the Beginner Server topic - as stated - awaiting a reply.

      Of course there are other things that we have in mind that needs to be worked on, but that is our current main focus.
      If you think something should be bumped up to this month to be pushed for - feel free to say so.
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      • Dorkly
        Dorkly commented
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        Perhaps the plans for summer. I mean obviously if we were to push this game to be exposed more, I think summer would be the time to do it. Obviously there has been a drop in players (forums & in game). There has been a lot of EU players which is great scattering the players out over the whole day. Any plans for a push for this game? (not saying we are now but ofc summer & breaks off school is the biggest times)

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      Damn in May and the same things are happening.

      I find it funny that a dancing game still can't find music. Ya wait for next month for 3 songs that are made from no-namers because myspace music is too expensive. Lord forebid to even think about actual music XD
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      • Slinder
        Slinder commented
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        Actually, they have the music. The process just takes a while for it to be implemented. I reassure, they are working at their best to get music added to the game.

      • Caffeine
        Caffeine commented
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        Shut up Ruby. We've been trying our best to find music, you haven't done ***** yet. So you have no right to talk.

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      Regarding forums -

      I have received an answer -

      Forum Formats:
      Heatcliff states that they are aware of the issue and have been very busy.
      As soon as things settle down, Heatcliff reassured that it's the first thing on the priority list.

      It is stated the forums is no longer in the "BETA" stage.
      There is an understanding that it might feel this way because the "skin doesn't have an Audition-ish feel." and will be worked on.

      They can not be helped until vBulletin, the forum software developers, give RB the updates.

      Is there any other questions, comments, and/or concerns regarding forums?
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        Originally posted by Ruby View Post
        Damn in May and the same things are happening. I find it funny that a dancing game still can't find music. Ya wait for next month for 3 songs that are made from no-namers because myspace music is too expensive. Lord forebid to even think about actual music XD
        LOL c


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          Don't forget, the community can submit songs into sious' email at anytime now. It doesn't have to be all on them. You just need permission from the artist (screen shot evidence) and the mp3 file. Its just their job to configure the bpm specifically lol.

          So please, if you do have any ideas or song suggestions from people trying to get their music out there, i'd turn that in asap~