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    Why are most items in the store only bought for 90 days and not permanent?
    On other servers, that does not happen.

    use the translator. gg

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    There are some items under an indefinite duration 24/7 , you'd have to search for them though.

    More (and newer) items become indefinite for a limited time throughout the year in the "indefinite item flash sales" .


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      I agree, so much of my money you can have if you indef more items.


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        I think Bana, and other servers really need to organize their mall. The names are caps sensitive, Everything has a time limit (especially the cute stuff ), and maybe it would be cool to have some keywords for each item? Like if you search up "Cute", it has items that are deemed as cute, not just names.

        I'm just a dreamer though


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          Um. It searched by word. What you deem cute probably somebody else doesn't see it cute. So no. Its fine the way it is, Minus the indef stuff and how overpriced everything is.


          • SweetBoi
            SweetBoi commented
            Editing a comment
            do you have something against me? because this is the second time you've been negative around something i've posted.

            that was just an example of a keyword. Let's say there's a hair with a red bow, and it's called "Bow Couple Style"
            what if someone wants to find something that looks exactly like that but doesn't think to type in bow? Put in keywords such as "ribbon, red", etc. It's something that could be very useful for old and new players. But suurreee let's completely throw out ideas that haven't been said a million times