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  • X-Trap Error

    Hi guys,
    So I got windows 10 update a few days ago and after the update, whenever I start the audition it gives me this x-trap error Code 08-0400-00000000-544

    Any Solution?

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    You should try to make a rollback to your old Windows 10 version.
    The reason is simple. The new Windows 10 update is not compatible yet with our X-Trap thats why you getting this error.
    I forward it to get this fixed!! It will take time.

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    • popo88
      popo88 commented
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      I see. Do you think it will be soon that the x trap will be compatible with the newest window 10 update?

    • Jxkup
      Jxkup commented
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      Hey, i cant really tell you a exact time when it will be fixed but like i said i will forward it.
      Just be patient. :3
      For now you can rollback that update.

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    hello ser Jxkup, can you help me with these issue ? i used windows 8.1 64 bit . thank you !!


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      Try to start the patcher.exe as Administrator first,
      if you are using the Steam Version try to repair your audition folder over "Verify Integrity Check"
      you are reaching this when you right click on Audition and press properties.

      Tutorials: | IGN: Jak


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        thank you , i already done use "VIC" it say's : all files succesfully validated and its same problem again.. any ideas sir ? sorry , i dnt know what to do.. jst asking..