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Episode 3 Crashing

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  • Episode 3 Crashing

    I'm not sure if this is occurring with anyone else but as soon as I accept E3 ep1,
    And just as I enter the room... The game freezes mid way and the client closes.
    Any way to solve this?
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    Edit: I've logged in on multiple accs yet I'm still dcing
    I've tried changing clothes - still dcing
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    It's just you. Episode works fine so far. Try repatching.
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      Ask Jeeves


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        Give up the story, remove all cash items then try again. I kept dcing but once I removed all cash items, it worked fine for me.
        Apparently, you can't do episode 3 with cash items at all. I'm testing it out and I tried to change my clothes back to cash items on episode 2 and I dc'd, so no cash items if you want to do the NPC stories.
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          Yeah a few people had that problem including me. Removing cash items seem to work , as Phoxy said if you ever do crash while doing story. Seems to be the temporary fix for it at the moment. You might also have to give up a story and re-accept it after you crash as well. However, a few people reported they were able to do story with cash clothes on as well without crashing.

          If you guys disconnect from stories 11 and 16 or if you have an NPC name with weird characters (screenshot it too if you can) post it here!

          EDIT: Hopefully it doesnt get too complicated for you guys as it did for me but I had to do the following to get it to work.
          Remove all cash items except a cash face
          Give up Story 1 Ep3
          Take all the medals off
          Play a different story from the other episodes and pass an NPC story from there
          Accept Story 1 EP3
          NO insane , no different type of chance , no chancing at all during the match.
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            the story takes your hair face and shoes, so just using beats items for those should make it work too


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              I've done that, and it didn't work.
              I even wore the default clothes and took off face and accessories.

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            Lmao if you try changing your clothes in the room too the game crashes
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              My solution:
              Get someone else to do your story, ep1 of E3.
              Every other story worked after that, though some I did DC, but all I needed to do was to relog in and do the story again.

              or as Marcin suggested, re-patch.
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                Episode 3 stories shouldn't disconnect you now as long as you don't attempt to change clothes while in the story room. Comment here if you're still having issues.


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