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  • Forum changes,cutoffs and bugs

    So, I've noticed weird issues going on with the forums lately. I thought it was only 1 thing, but the bugs, issues and cut offs keep piling up.
    • Last year, the direct video display with the [youtube] [/youtube] code wasn't displaying anymore (not really a big deal). Now in January 2016 , we've been unable to directly display videos using the code at all. Instead we can only post video links.
    • Some picture links,uploads and attachments are broken and aren't visible anymore. Recent useful threads had pictures, now they don't ! There could be a very strong possibility that there was a timeout for links/uploads, but it's still very weird.
    • We can't cap over 200 characters for our BB code markup for our signature, it used to be 1,000 characters! I just checked this today and the last time I was able to edit it with 1,000 character cap was 2 weeks ago.
    • IP bans happen to multiple people at once.This started in October (correct me if I'm wrong)? It was a sudden occurrence but some have explained as to why it happens.
    Possible things that could have effected the general features of the forums
    1) There hasn't been much of a catch-up of cleaning out bot accounts and useless threads etc to free up space 2) RB is paying for a cheaper hosting plan per month 3) It's a matter of bugs that need to be fixed.

    Bummed because we can't really do much now like we used to or have access to helpful or nostalgic threads with pictures. Glad we can still post GIFs at least ...

    A follow up on this and future changes or reports would be nice Heatcliff (or whoever is managing the forums). Some of us still like to know what's going on :> LOL. I know there are some people out there that still like to post videos, edit their signatures ordon't like getting banned for x amount of time.

    Have you noticed any other changes that you were able to do before , but aren't able to do now?
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    im still ip banned when im using data on my phone fix plz i wanna spam necr0 thread :////////////

    Sharona ♥ Daylon


    • Random
      Random commented
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      How long has it been?

    • Sharchie
      Sharchie commented
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      can't remember. maybe late november or during december. i do recall complaining about it when it first happened on necro thread LOL

    • Meigo
      Meigo commented
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      If Redbana stop banning IP adresses, this problem will cease to exist. You are probably using a shared IP address and there is not a lot they can do really.

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    The Insert Video button / VIDEO tag works fine for me. (ok the video below is only because I wanted to show my own video)

    Originally posted by Heatcliff View Post
    Maximum number of characters in your signature is 200 and should not exceed 3 lines.
    I believe the 200 characters limit is a rule and not a bug. Even though you were able to use 1000 characters two weeks ago, the rule is 200 characters. Then 1000 characters should be the bug. Unless you are asking Redbana to increase the limit.


    • Random
      Random commented
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      Hm, weird. It's always shown a cap at 1,000 character for the BB code markup and 3 line limit for some years now . o_o
      I just saw that 200 character BB code markup for the first time and thought it was something new. Thanks for clearing the video thing up! I'm so used typing in brackets for everything LOL

    • Daisy
      Daisy commented
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      What Heatcliff said was a while ago, wasn't that? But some people could do the 1000 characters.

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    Heatcliff has the title Ex-Redbana Staff tho


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